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Honestly, this game kept me entertained. It has a nice intro sequence, some fun missions and side-missions, incredible atmosphere, and it pretty much retains everything I loved about Human Revolution's gameplay.

That's the good stuff. Now the bad stuff is, unlike Human Revolution where you have plenty of unique locations for your missions, and 2 sort of open-world locations with side missions that you revisit twice each, in Mankind Divided there's only one location you revisit 3 times, fewer unique locations, and some of those locations you don't get to spend much time in. So a big chunk of the game for me was spent in this one area, doing side-missions, and I wished there was more plot in-between.

Also, like everyone else is saying, it ends out of nowhere. You're expecting more and it just sort of stops dead in its tracks. You get one neat boss fight (when Human Revolution had 4), and then it's done.

But hey, I got 28 hours out of it, so it was definitely worth it. 8/10
Posted July 17, 2017.
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It's okay.
Posted August 10, 2016. Last edited September 17.
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10/10 would Try Tongue But Hole again
Posted May 31, 2016. Last edited June 1, 2016.
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I'll start off by saying that Far Harbor is reasonably priced. You'll get plenty of hours out of its content, and you'll enjoy it through. So far my favorite Fallout DLC, from any Bethesda Fallout game.

Far Harbor has a nice opening for when you first arrive at The Island, walking around and exploring it makes you feel very uncomfortable (in a good way) and feels a lot like Point Lookout in Fallout 3. The Island, as advertised, is HUGE, which is great. There are some issues I have though.

First off, the quests. 80% of the side-quests are boring and simple: Help this person, go to this place, do this thing, return. And there's literally just TWO quests that aren't tied to the three factions, one of which is incredibly short. The other was pretty fun though.

Also, the main Story quests. Now for the most part, I enjoyed it, except for a little (incredibly) tedious puzzle section, which is NOT AT ALL WORTH COMPLETING ALL THE WAY! I also felt that the ending was pretty lame, though I picked the peaceful route. I like the fact that there are different endings, and maybe the others are better, but the one I got was just lame, really.

To be honest, I hoped Far Harbor would be a bit more like the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim since it seemed pretty similar at first. But Dragonborn has much more interesting locations, quests, characters, and more overall new gear.
I enjoyed the overall experience of Far Harbor though.

Posted May 26, 2016. Last edited May 26, 2016.
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This is a great mod that captures most of Portal 2's essence, while still having some nice and unique things for itself.

The maps and levels are very nice and varied, and really has a lot of Portal 2's quality. The puzzles are fun and challenging, though there are a few that stand out from the rest for being harder. Also, throughout the sections between puzzles, and in some puzzles as well, I feel like there's a pretty big lack of direction. You'll be looking all around you for that one portal surface a lot, and can get a bit annoying.

The music is pretty good. Unique and distinct from Portal 2's soundtrack, but some of the tracks can get really repetitive in those puzzles you spend more time on.

The characters are okay. Cave Johnson's lines capture his character perfectly, Mel has a nice design and Virgil can get pretty funny at times. I'm not happy with Virgil's voice actor though, his foreign accent drives me nuts. And the part where you wake up and Virgil is pretending to be Cave Johnson is sooo annoying and drags on for an unnecessary amount of time.
Also, I didn't like the design of AEGIS. It just looks so lazy, like they didn't even try to come up with an overall aesthetic design, or put any detail in it. His voice is really cool though, and you do feel very intimidated by him throughout the game.

The game has plenty of fun secrets lying around. Rattman dens, funny achievements, some situational voice lines by Virgil, door recordings from Cave and such. So definitely worth replaying to try and find those secrets.

Last thing I'll talk about is the final battle. I'll try not to spoil too much here, but I just felt like most of the challenge was overcoming the clunkyness of the damn turret you need to keep holding onto. You constantly have to drop it, pick it up, land it perfectly on the ground, fly through portals with it, all while under time pressure. And the turret's shape isn't designed for that, specially not in such a close-quarter area.
To compensate for that, the time limit is increased in Story Mode, giving you more than enough time to do the thing you need to do, which makes the whole thing pretty anticlimactic. You don't get the rush like in Advanced Mode (which was the only mode when the mod first came out).

Final rating: 7/10
It's a great mod with plenty of fun puzzles and varied settings that will keep you playing for around 7-10 hours, and though there are some issues that stand out, it's definitely a must-play for any Portal fans.

Posted April 15, 2016.
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I liked the trailer.
I liked the voice acting in the trailer.
I liked that Bethesda acknowledges how annoying Preston is and throws him in the Deathclaw pit in the trailer.

Not much else to say. The DLC looks like another Hearthfire I'm never gonna invest into.
Posted April 12, 2016.
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You can be a dragon dancing Gangnam Style. 1337/10
Posted July 17, 2015.
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