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Posted: Aug 30, 2018 @ 11:39pm
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Early Access Review
SCUM a very in-depth survival game. There are a lot of things you can do to change the way your character looks and behaves.

There are a lot of things you can do in this game. In one way it is like other survival games in the way that you can craft items, like improvised backpacks or spears and even swords. There isn't any base building at the moment but to what I know it will definitely be added in the future, along with fortifying building already premade on the map.

In the future, I hope servers people host will be able to be modified with mods or plugins to make it more fun and enjoyable. Maybe even servers where you can get 1000x so you can really test everything out. I do believe there will be support for this in the future, or at least I hope.

When you play on a server you have to create a character, you can't play with a character on one server then play with the same one on another server. There are a lot of stats you can edit when first making your character including Weight, Muscle, Survival Ability, Weapon Using and much more. The best thing is that if you choose to be fat when you start off you can change that by altering the way you play in-game to adjust your character. Say you want to be more skinning, just don't eat as much. It isn't instant it will take more time to change things like this.

The loot spawns aren't too bad, but I do think they should change the time in which the loot respawns in houses after they have been looted. Many lifes ago I went through 20mins of gametime and found nothing because all the houses I found had open doors and everything was looted. I didn't even see anyone there. Normally if you don't get unlucky with everything already being looted you won't go a life without getting some sort of gun. You don't really see guns in houses and you will normally have to go to some sort of outpost to get your ahnds on one.

Even walking speed is in-depth, you are able to change the speed at which you walk/run. You can even change your stance which is another thing I hoped would be in a lot of other games. It makes way for more strategic plays.

There are quite a bit of server issues, like desync. There is a lot of desync. I can tell more when it comes to this because when playing with a friend I can tell that he is desyncing. When we are running to other places I can see him teleporting everywhere. It kind of ruins the experience since server issues are one of the main things. I'm sure this will be fices in the future.

The game doesn't run too good but it isn't too bad at the same time. I spawned in and had seen two houses together when I went over my frames dropped from about 55 to 25. I just changed my resolution down a bit and I was able to play for a long time without any lag and just a tiny amount of lag spikes that lasted for almost no time. It didn't really affect my gameplay and I didn't see too many lag spikes when in a fight or anything like that.

When you lower the resolution for some reason it does this, and I don't think you can fix it:

Sometimes you will see zombie packs. Most of the times you will see maybe 2 near each other when you are near villages or in the wild, but when you go near an outpost or something like that you will start seeing packs of like 10 zombies. Believe it or not, I got blocked by loads of zombies. You can't really move after one hits you so when I got hit by 2 each second I died pretty quick actually you don't have to go off my word I have a screenshot:

You can chop people up which is very nice.

6/11 This game has a lot of potential to be the best game in its respective category.
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