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This game was amazing, then I met Armada.

This game is amazing, although a lot of the vehicles and weapons are apart of DLC that isn't free and not that cheap either, I recommend you buy them on a steam sale if you really feel like you want to get them. Apex is about £23 without any sales going on, it does include a lot of content, but I feel like they should already be in the game in the first place. There are a lot of weapons, but you really only get a real collection of guns when you buy the DLCS and get them, and if you do accidentally start using a DLC weapons/clothing and you can actually pick it up and use it there are annoying overlays that pop up randomly and there is one annoying one that shows up in the middle of the screen and you can't see anything.

The game is a sort of Military Sandbox, there are lots of mods, like the Life Mod, which is amazingly in-depth.

The core missions are very realistic, they are military sandbox missions that you do with other AI or friends. There isn't a lot of missions that come with the base game, although you can buy more as DLC or just download some from the steam workshop, there are what some would call better maps you can find on the workshop for free. The guns are very realistic and the cars are as well although there isn't a big list of vehicles you can drive or fly without the DLC or some mods.

The weapons in this game are very realistic and behave as you would expect them to in real life. You will have to put a lot of effort into learning how to use them and it will pay off in the end. You will definitely be spending a lot of time training with them if you actually want to do good against your opponent and it is definitely required you learn how to range your weapon. I really didn't care about practice when I first started playing and I really sucked against my enemies, I thought it might have been my aim, but in reality, I was aiming in the wrong place and my bullets were not going where I thought they were. You are also able to shoot weapons out of helicopters with benches, like the Hummingbird and you are able to shoot any onboard weapons the helicopter might have.

Lots of the systems in this game are very complex. There is ranging for guns so you have to be very precise with your shots on close and further away targets to make sure your shot hits, so you don't just go into the battle and aim then shoot. There are more layers to it, like finding the range of the enemy from you and then ranging your gun and finding where you should aim for the bullet to hit him. There are also complex stamina systems. The more you wear/have in your backpack the less stamina you have and the more you will sway when aiming down sights, this makes you only carry what you really need and not carry everything you can. You want to reserve your space and only carry what you need so you aren't doing worse on the battlefield.

There is also a free editor that comes free with the game, you can make in-depth missions and upload them to the steam workshop very easily. It is really easy to use and kind of fun to make the objectives, you can make some very cool things and share them with the community. You can also design new clothing and weapon skins and upload them to the workshop for people to download and use. A lot of people love to use the editor to make their own missions and play them with their friends, this game is under the tag 'Military Sandbox' and it lives up to that title, you really can do/play whatever mission you want. If you don't find something you like, make it!

There is also a free tool you can use in-game with admin perms called Zeus (y). You can have someone playing as the 'game master' in a sort of way. They can use the Zeus tool to make very random attacks. They can also spawn in items so players can find random loot. They can spawn in enemies whenever they want to make the game scarier for the players and more realistic. I have seen a lot of people who have experience with this tool and can make it enjoyable for the people actually playing.

This game does look amazing, although you do need a pretty good CPU and Fast HDD or an SSD. The game runs quite badly if you don't have a good CPU or Fast HDD or an SSD, so if you are thinking about playing this game you ought to make sure you have a good CPU or HDD/SSD you don't really need an amazing GPU to run this game as it mostly uses your CPU, this game isn't known for its ability to run at super high FPS on every system.

As you may come to see if you pick us this game there is a big modding community with a lot of active modders making cool, new and exciting things for us to try out. If you are interested in using mods you should definitely check out the steam workshop page for ArmA, it definitely won't be a waste of your time. There are plenty of great mods to chose from. You can check out my collection of mods I have had a lot of fun with or faces of war which is an outstanding mod which is great fun.

You can also check out RHS which is a group of modders dedicated to modding the ArmA series. They have a few mods, but they are really in-depth and great fun:

I recommend this game to people who like military sandbox's or just like to mess around with mods, there is a sandbox map (NMD) you can download from the workshop so you can easily spawn vehicles in and teleport around. You can play more intense game modes like online Wasteland and KoTH. There is a big community around the roleplay scene in this game and a lot of servers to have fun on with friends. Alternatively, you can find a unit that like to play very seriously doing various missions.

6 HIGH-QUALITY ROLEPLAYS OUT OF 11 HIGH-QUALITY ROLEPLAYS! (-5 points for all the desync & overall terrible networking)

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