.:RAT:. .'F-Jensen'.<3
frederik   Ronne, Bornholm, Denmark


Racer FJ

I dont drive fast -
I just fly low ♥


id HaiR, The best in the world? ;s :i
It can fix Your HaiR? ;d

CW |R- rounds| L-lose|W-Win|
zz vs eQ - 30R 3n3= 5-16 L


3/9 2011 - [P.G] FesK : Nice hack F-jensen

3/9 2011 - M ü L L e r M ii L c h x3 : hax! -.-

υ∂яåвѕтєgη cℓαη؟ : jensen noob hacker
υ∂яåвѕтєgη cℓαη؟ : f-jensen get a life and stop aimbot´

Last-Rebellion : jensen ,nooob´

grawendel33 : do you have aim cheat ? you look like a best sniper around here jensen (fedt!)

?????- FML! : jensen you fucking hacker

Cross_Hunter : spybringer du bist ein pro jense3n au

<3Dec????ine : Jensen, dont you think its time for you to leave. You've been here waaaaaay to long... Fucking nerd


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Palpala Apr 21 @ 1:39am 
guy in my profile made giveaway for everyone but only 1 skin for 1 account
Maleond Apr 11 @ 12:13am 
Hi, I can give my Karambit marble fade for your whole inventory
Send me trade offer if it's ok. If some of your skins are not for trade I'm ok without them. I will take any reasonable offer but don't add to friends please
Christina Apr 9 @ 10:03am 
Hi I have a 100$ promo code for tradeit.⁠gg in my profile
Feel free to use it and share with everyone. I got a lot of csgo and pubg skins already
Lavanda Mar 21 @ 5:00am 
I can give my Sapphire Flip knife for all your inventory. I think it's a good offer since Flip is really expensive (I don't know excacly, check steamalalyst or opskins) if you ok just send me trade offer. I will accept your inventory for my Flip for sure but also can take any other reasonable offer.
SeidtzTwo Mar 1 @ 3:38am 
Hey bro, I wanted trade my awp asiimov for all your cases or graffities(or unexpensive playskins). So if u dont need them just send me offer. My awp and tradelink in my main - link in bio . Dont add me i got limit, just send offer. Thanks
PPPPP Nov 20, 2017 @ 12:55pm