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i main mobile rhythm games

mance: creampie or bucake?

『Spartan117.』 : i just want ur boi pussy idek
『Spartan117.』 : :)

Itsurata: I would go gay for astolfo
Itsurata: heeeee
waifu of the season: i already am gay for him bby
Itsurata: I legit fapped to him last night
Itsurata: no regrets
Itsurata: if you dont ignore the dick it makes it better
waifu of the season: ikr

Carolyn: my though is ok i wanna win 1st in this div3 season
Carolyn: so im gonna ask div2 or 1 player like aqua to smurf
Carolyn: why would they do that, with players like ded and teehe
Carolyn: its like you decide to do bad thing on loli
Carolyn: but you only touch her butt
Carolyn: and thats all
Carolyn: you got arrest
Carolyn: u didnt even fuck her or grab her boob


fev: do u nut to this
fev: oi
eDgY_pYrO_mAiN: STOP

Drc "Losa" Axl >< - Today at 11:04 PM
oshit its 13pm

drrrrrriko - 10/04/2017
if this isnt a girl i am officially done with my life

.. (cabby): i love u

moo : your mom is fucking green go fucking kys led

(TEAM) pancakes: we got uber hehe

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currently focusing on college entrance tests, wont be too active for about a month or two...

my legacy []
6s: slezbears
hl: neko pubbers
4s: -

afc 10 div 3 - ll1c (roamer) - dead
afc 11 div 3 - open minds (medic) - 4th
afc 12 div 3 - open minds (medic/leader) - tied 9th
afc 13 div 2 - kawaii 0-5 (medic/leader) - dead
afc 13 div 3 - toucans' (pocket) - 5th
ugc s25 plat - nommer (medic/leader) - 3rd
ugc s26 plat - nommer (medic/leader) - semifinalist
pure s1 im - zoom (demo/solly/leader) - 7th

4s s12 gold - weebs (medic/leader) - 3rd

ugc []
mal? []
discord: -ideknoo ><#3821
llsif (en): 144753987
puchiguru (jp): 904365953
bandori (en): 1519216
llsif (jp): maybe someday

how to get a girlfriend

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u dumb and incest
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you r no longer the trapdek i know >:(