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Personal Achievements

First Nipple

Won the first test

First Nappy

Win the second test

First Feeding

Won the third test


Won the fourth test

Basketball player

Won the fifth test

Food poisoning

Won the sixth test

Ice Age

Won the seventh test

Toy Hill

Won the eighth test


Won the ninth test

Desire to sleep

Won the tenth test

Light interruptions

Won the eleventh test


Took the baby's nipple

Three-point throw

Got a diaper in the basket from eight meters


Went to the toilet and washed away after myself

Golden Baby

Win 10 gold medals


Won the twelfth test

Voices of animals

Won the thirteenth test


Won the fourteenth test

Unidentified Flying Baby

Won the fifteenth test

Bath Time

Won the sixteenth test

Earthquake 2: Revengeance

Won the seventeenth test