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Personal Achievements

Smily Face

You get a smily face!

Grinning Face

You get a grinning face!

Crying Laughing

You must be Crying Laughing!


You must be ROFL!

Happy Face

You get a happy face

Laughing Face

You get a laughy face!

Crying Laughing

You must be Crying Laughing!

Ecstatic Face

You get an Ecstatic Face!

Winking Face

You get a Winking Face!

Doll Face

You get a doll face!

Tongue Out

Bet your Tongue is Out!


Get some Shades!

Heart Eyes

Get some Heart Eyes!


Get your Smooching on!


Don't end up like this guy!

Still Trying

Never Give Up!

Almost There!

Almost There!

Smiley Face For All!

Smiley Face For All!

Not Happy Enough

That fake smile you like to give!

Home Alone

Better watch the After Shave!

Thinking All Day!

Better get your schemes on!

Blank Stare

Bet you got a Blank Stare!

Annoyed Face

Better not have a Annoyed Face!

No Mouth

Don't you wish everyone was like this?

Politics Face

When you don't care anymore!