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Personal Achievements

Every Day Of The Year

Beat the game on the 360 day setting

Do You Even Deal, Bro?

Beat the game on the 240 day setting

The Easy Victory

Beat the game on the 120 day setting

Lenient Go Around

Beat the game on the 90 day setting

Around Starkham In...

Beat the game on the 60 day setting

Average Joe

Beat the game on the 45 day setting

In And Out

Beat the game on the 30 day setting

Career Criminal

Beat the game on all day settings
0 / 8

Tony Montana

Sell over 1,000,000 units of drugs
0 / 1,000,000

Shark Hunt

Kill the loan shark without paying off debt


Take out all five levels of law enforcement in one game

The 32-Bit INT Club

Amass $2,147,483,647 over all games and hit the 32-Bit Integer limit

Perfecting Savagery

End a game with over $15,000 in debt

You Got A Posse

End a game with all 5 crew members in tow

Yours Is Mine

Find another player's lost drugs


Find another player's lost money

Streets Of America

Find another player's lost weapon

No Remorse

Kill all NPC's in one game

I've Seen It All

Experience all 8 endings
0 / 8

A Rainy Day

Hoard over 300 units of drugs on you or in your stash

Hard Up In Starkham

Beat the game with Hard Mode on in 30 days or longer

I Need An Adult

Beat the game with NSFW Mode on in 30 days or longer

Candy Collector

Collect over 100 pieces of Halloween candy in your bag

Gift Of Giving

Give holiday gifts to every NPC in the game


Destroy 12 snowmen throughout Starkham


Tuck back over $100,000,000