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Complete the training mission.

Dr Death

Develop a vaccine for the alien plague when there you only have one crew member left onboard.

Tech Singularity

Develop all human upgrades

Let’s Keep It

Visit 10 systems with the alien fungus onboard.

A Galaxy United

Gather all the possible help for the final battle.

Catch ‘Em All

Get three aliens onboard.

Tomb Raider

Loot the Rogues’ cemetery.

No Pain No Gain

Rescue the Rogues from the shipwreck with your shuttle.

Dusty Trails of Faraway Planets

Visit 100 planets.
0 / 100

Spiritually Rich

Gather 10 biomass in the parallel world.

This Cradle Isn’t Forever

Found a colony outside of the Solar system.

They Still Do Not Realize

Do the deal in place of the sick Klisk in full accordance with the Code.

Gift for Gordon

Buy all the materials for theoretical studies from the Klisks.

Just the Beginning

Finish the plotline that has been implemented so far.

Law Abiding Citizen

Pay the fine to the Rogues.

Hey, what’s up?

Listen to the stories of all three officers.

Cure From Space

Help develop a cure for cancer.

Middle of Nowhere

Find the Zorsan Rebels base.

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