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Reach Act 2


Reach Act 3

Industrial Revolution

Unlock all of Penelope's powers

Thar He Blows!

Summon Barnacles

World is your Oyster

Unlock all of Barnacles' powers

Brownie Trail

Summon Hogweed

Fairy Ring

Unlock all of Hogweed's powers

Here Kitty Kitty

Summon Catlas

Fancy Feast

Unlock all of Catlas' powers

Winter Is Coming

Survive placing Auroara

Deep Impact

Survive placing Archaeomagosaurus

Movin' On Up

A city has grown into a castle

Takes a village

Settle five cities

Budding Nation

Settle fifty cities


Settle one hundred cities

Wee Dingy

Construct five fleets


Construct twenty-five fleets

Smooth Sailing

Construct fifty fleets

Nailed It

Place a tile that matches other tiles on all four sides

Lonely Island

Use a single tile to start a new unconnected landmass

Glitter Glue

Repair ten crystal pyramids

Civilized Company

Reach level 9 only using Penelope (and Pestur)

Happy Campers

Reach level 7 without any Fates triggering a disaster

Never Gonna Let You Down

Reach level 4 without losing or replacing a tile

Nothing Special

Reach level 4 only using tile placement powers


Pestur is the only active Fate

Fly on the Wall

Reach level 7 without Pestur getting angry about anything


Reach level 7 without placing a fleet

Anger Management

Have Penelope, Barnacles, Hogweed, Pestur and Catlas at 80% anger at the same time

High Plains Clicker

Place 20 grassland tiles in 30 seconds without a loss or mismatch

Calm Blue Ocean

Place 30 ocean tiles in 30 seconds without a loss or mismatch

One Weird Trick

Reach level 2 in 3 minutes

Castle Crasher

Have a castle within 2 minutes of starting a new age

Full House

Use every disaster power at least once in a single Doom event


Collapse entire world with a single blight

Magnitude 8.0

Collapse entire world with a single earthquake

The Briney Deep

Collapse entire world with a single tsunami

Cold Shoulder

Collapse entire world with a single blizzard

Something Something Dinosaurs

Collapse entire world with a single meteor shower


Collapse entire world only by placing industry

Achilles Tile

Collapse entire world with a single hole

Just Getting Started

Destroy the world once

Third Time's A Charm

Destroy the world three times

Try, Try Again

Destroy the world five times

Going For A Record

Destroy the world ten times

Piece of Quake

Survive an earthquake


Place two world pillars next to each other

Won't You Be My Neighbour

Place two temples next to each other


100 mismatched tile placements

Waste Not, Want Not

Throw away 100 tiles


Replace a tile with a temple on it

Pond Commander

Place a fleet in the smallest possible body of water


Entire pantheon active


Create mountains by freezing a tsunami