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Achievement for basically doing nothing ;)

Survival Easy

Complete Survival on Easy difficulty. Very hard survival for your enemies.

Survival Medium

Complete Survival on Medium difficulty. Fair and square duel.

Survival Hard

Complete Survival on Hard difficulty. Very easy survival for your enemies.

Survival Extreme

Complete Survival on Extreme difficulty. Your enemies get the "Hello!" achievement after winning.

A Lot of Juice!

Collect 1000 units of Biomass. Yummy!

Scrooge McMims

Collect 100 gems. Do you know how many Flabbits you could buy with these? Exactly 0.

Ave Captain, Morituri Te Salutant

Own 60 Mims Guardians. Don't forget to make one big group out of them, just to see how awesome it will look.

Weed Removal

Remove Evilditas from its roots. A shovel might not be enough for this one.

No More Tremors

Take care of Terravermus. And by taking care of it, I don't mean feeding it.

I Just Saw a Big Spider

Kill Aranearus. Your arachnophobia was just cured.

Archeologist - Indiana Jones style

Smash Nigrum Potentia with the armed palms of your guardians. Take some pieces to the museum.

The Way of a Predator

Finish the story by showing the dragon who the apex predator is here.

The Way of Understanding

Finish the story by destroying the dragon tower. Kills two birds with one stone. Shows the dragon its place and takes care of the ancient tower, Indiana Jones style.

Frozen Fruits

Complete side objective. There is nothing crunchier than frozen fruits.

Shaman and His Bottles

Help the Shaman create a so-called energy elixir. Nobody knows what it will be, but he himself is very excited about this. He calls it the process of sacred distillation.

Hidden Treasure

Now, what could it be? And, by the way, someone I know was told by somebody else that it is hidden under the trees, but don't tell anybody, ok?

First Contact

Contact an alien creature from planet Earth.

Help to Island

Get rid of pests and help balance the energy of the floating island.

Engine Heaters

Collect a part of the spaceship. The strange Mims technology requires heaters for the engine, instead of coolers.

Magnetic Engine

Collect the magnetic engine that the heaters operate on. CERN you are doing it wrong with all the liquid nitrogen.

First Psi Drive

Collect a part of the spaceship.

Second Psi Drive

Collect a part of the spaceship.

Gravity Generator

Collect a part of the spaceship.

Dna Ball

Collect an Energy DNA Ball containing DNA info of all creatures and plants from planet Momo. The philosophical belief that Momo is the most important planet in the universe and that, even if it's gone, it should be recreated, is called Momocentrism. Right now, it is the most common ideology in the Mims society, being supported by 100% of the population.

The Mechanic

Fix an old and broken machine. Just strike some life into it.

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