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First Step

Set your plan in motion

Say Hello to My Little Friend!

Get a gun

Major Tom to Ground Control

Land on an alien planet

The Big Nope

Kill the nope


Unlock teleportation mode


Unlock telekinesis mode

Work it HARDER

Unlock shield mode

Wanted: Dead or Alive

He's after you!

Needle in a Haystack

Find the place mentioned by an alien map

Liquid Life

Bring a gift of water to locals

I Want to Belive

Find an alien city

Diggy Diggy Hole

Dig a very long tunnel

Piece of Cake

Beat the Boss

Remember Me

Collect all memories

Quick Witted

Well...That was fast

Slow Thinker

Take your time and do it right


Yup, keep trying... Maybe you'll get lucky next time

Blind Spot

Seems those ground drones have a blind spot

You Call That a Bullet Hell?

Beat the Boss...Without dying even once.

It Never Hit the Ground

Bounce, bounce, bounce...


Did you just apparate to the same spot?

Close Enough

It fits but it doesn't work

Pattern? What Pattern?

You can't brute force the steam vents...

Stop Hitting Yourself!

Your head probably hurts like hell...

No Time For This!

Why climb when you can jump?

Play It Safe

Why jump when you can climb?

I thought it would work...

...but the explosion killed me

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