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Personal Achievements

Completed the 1th Dungeon

Beat the 1st boss

Completed the 2nd Dungeon

Beat the 2nd boss

Completed the 3th Dungeon

Beat the 3th boss

Completed the 4th Dungeon

Beat the 4th boss

Completed the 5th Dungeon (Half way to Hell)

Beat the 5th boss

Completed the 6th Dungeon

Beat the 6th boss

Completed the 7th Dungeon

Beat the 7th boss

Completed the 8th Dungeon

Beat the 8th boss

Completed the 9th Dungeon

Beat the 9th boss

Completed the GAME (Killed the Devil)

Beat the Devil

Soldier on

Found the Major

The hunt for the Hunter

Found the Hunter

Enter the Dragon

Found the Dragon

Got the whole story

Found all the hidden books


Used a cheat code


Collect 10.000 gold

If you have Ghost, you have everything


Raining Blood!!

Spill 1000 liters of blood

Try again

Die 100 times


2 hours in the dungeons


5 hours in the dungeons


10 hours in the dungeons