Leon S. Kennedy
David   Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv3b_TjyZOhQw09fCr9rf2Q Mi canal de youtube donde subo TF2, Overwatch,Fortnite Clash Royale y PUBG
:yubi:You mess with the best and die like the rest ;)
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Random stuff about me c:
:balloon:SUP MAH DUDES Welcome to my profile :D :cuphead::cupup: :t0tonberry::squall:

First of all I consider myself someone friendly with a sense of humor and with whom you probably have a good time :FFXIIIlightning: some random stuff about me :MFF_Chocobo::WOFFcloud:

:yubi: Battle net ID. Tag #1635 IDAVID29 add me if you want :D :2017catheart:

:yubi: i dont trust private accounts if you have a private account and you want to add me i will reject the request c:

:yubi: im just a guy who like to play videogames and upload videos :Sanji1:

-Want to trade with me ?
:yubi: Use the trade offer link next to my profile and I'll check it out quickly if I'm online.

:yubi: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=209684991&token=eeXI6TOm

:balloon:Some stuff about me :squall:

:yubi: I'm 16 :WOFFcloud:

:yubi: I have a girlfriend and i freaking love her so dont try it :Sanji1:

:yubi: Favorite VideoGames Character Squall Leonhart :squall:

:yubi: Favorite Female character Rinoa Heartilly :Sanji1:

:yubi:My birthday January 29th :WOFFcloud: :squall:

:yubi: I fucking Love the Funko Pops :Sanji1: :cupup:

:yubi: my favorite video game franchise is Final Fantasy :cupup:

:yubi: Main Genji 4 life :dealwithit:

:yubi: I love the smell of a cup of tea in the morning :MFF_Chocobo:

:yubi: my favorite videogame song is Force Your Way FF8 :squall:

:yubi: I NEED HEALING :med:

:yubi: Favorite enemy Tonberry FF8 :cupup:

:yubi: Favorite boss battle Ultimecia FF8 :squall:

:balloon: BFFs


:yubi: (๏̯๏) Camilo

:yubi: RyuzakyHyuga :cactuar:

:yubi: Mikoto♣Nightmare♦Rock

:yubi: 4lberto24

:yubi: Neo :balloonicorn:

:yubi: Osniel

:yubi: El Doritos c:

:yubi: Godwarito :steamsalty:

:yubi: Joker c:

:yubi: Alain ( i love his screams )

:yubi: Vargas :dealwithit:

:yubi: Moskau GA:Y: :cupup:

:yubi: JK1LL Pro csgo player :GDNormal:

:yubi: Javier

:balloon: And that is basically all mah dudes :D :Goku:

Gucci gang :100: :MFF_Chocobo: :2017catheart: :t0tonberry: :UmbrellaLogo:
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