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A Vital Ingredient

Find the Cheese Collectible
Unlocked Apr 27, 2020 @ 2:14pm

You've Got a Friend In Me

Wave to 10 Workers
Unlocked Apr 27, 2020 @ 2:14pm

It's an Avocado!

Find the Avocado Collectible

Expensive Guacamole

Find the Golden Avocado Collectible

Babbage's Cabbage

Find the Cabbage Collectible

Treat Yo Self!

Find the Golden Caggabe Collectible

The Golden Cheese

Find the Golden Cheese Collectible

Spa Day

Find the Cucumber Collectible

Luxury Facial Mask

Find the Golden Cucumber Collectible

Something Got Caught in the Mincer

Find the Minced Meat Collectible

Mmm, Chewy!

Find the Golden Minced Meat Collectible

Mmm, Crunchy!

Find the Nachos Collectible

Bad For Your Teeth

Find the Golden Nachos Collectible

A Little of This

Find the Salsa Collectible

And a Little of That

Find the Golden Salsa Collectible

Swedish Friday Night

Find the Taco Collectible

Five-star Dinner

Find the Golden Taco Collectible

Tomaeto Tomatoo

Find the Tomato Collectible

Very Fancy Ketchup

Find the Golden Tomato Collectible


Find all basic collectibles

Master Collector

Find all golden collectibles

Supervisor, Meet Gravity

Push a supervisor off a building with a blunt item shot from your bow

Wilhelm Scream

Throw 10 bots off buildings

Single Player Sportsball

Catch an object you threw at least 8 meters (horizontally)

I've got it!

Throw a sharp object at least 5 meters and "catch" it with your face

Enrage. Evade. Try Again

Survive while getting shot at by at least three enemies

Brought a Knife to a Fist Fight

Win a melee fight against a supervisor

In the Name of Efficiency

Blow up at least three bots using a single grenade

No Need to Double Tap

Headshot a supervisor with an arrow shot from at least 15 meters away


Look through a hole in the floor

Corn Syrup Overdose

That's a LOT of soda.

Panta Mera

Squash 10 soda cans in the hydraulic press in Fabrications

I am the Janitor

Throw 20 objects in the metal shredder in Fabrications

Lights are Also Obsolete

All light bulbs stomped in Fabrications

Don't Blow It!

Clear the fuse puzzle in Cost Optimizer without blowing a single fuse

I Like Flowers

Complete the game

Quick Win

Complete the game in less than 5 hours


Complete the game in less than 3 hours

Tremendously Accurate. Cost Optimized.

Complete the game in less than 1 hour

Evil Murderer Human

Complete the game having killed all hostile bots


Complete the game without dying

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