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tim@tim-desktop:~$ steamfetch   Herndon, Virginia, United States
On Steam I run Lexon Servers , home to the best Garry's Mod train build servers. I'm not actually crazy for trains. By day, I'm a software developer.
Fueled by klonopin, driven by memes

What a hot and sultry summer, steam just slides up off them streets
You gotta stay inside and wait for the night and then come on over and see me
And there’s a poetry about these streets and it slips from your skin, goes right underneath
And mama always knew I'd meet a girl like you, but me, I never believed
'Cause I’ve been so lonely, I can’t imagine that kind of sympathy

Where'd you get them scars? How blue is your heart?
Is it sad enough to break? She said it's sad enough to break
How long was your life? Was it cold and strange like mine?
Are you man enough to lay here? She said I’m man enough, my baby
Come see about me
Whenever you're lonely
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What I like
➡️ Computers and code (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, graduated May 2018)
➡️ Aviation (Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating ASEL, and some Commercial training)
➡️ Debian Linux, and shitting on GNU Hurd
➡️ Watches [icegt.tech]
➡️ Sex by the fire at night
➡️ Silk sheets and diamonds all white

Programming/scripting languages
In no particular order or setting: Lua, PHP, Java, JavaScript & Nodejs, Python, bash, x86 Assembly, C, C#, SQL

🖥️ 2016 Custom-built - Debian Linux fulltower w/ GTX970 and i7 6700k @ 4.2GHz
💻 Thinkpad T420 - i5 and 8GB RAM, with OEM docking station - also Debian
💻 2017 15" MacBook Pro - for work. SSH and pgadmin slave
💻 Mid 2010 MacBook - the Facebook machine - shits out on 1080p video

The watch collection
I really, really, really like collecting watches. I have been told to stop, but I can't. If that makes me a tool, so be it.

I recently achieved my goal of obtaining an Omega - a Seamaster, and also bought a Speedmaster automatic (reduced). Here's what I have:

Regularly worn
🌟 Omega Speedmaster Auto 3513.50.00 [www.omegawatches.com] - Black dial, silver bezel
🌟 1957 Omega Seamaster - 14 karat gold case
🌟 Victorinox Swiss Army GMT - The alpha watch - indestructable
🌟 1977 Seiko King Quartz - 4821-8000 HAQ JDM - Stylized L on dial for "long life"
🌟 Seiko 5 Automatic - Blue sunburst dial, blue NATO band, 7s26, 1990s
🌟 Seiko Pepsi Diver - 7002-700J Japan-only edition - mfd 1992
🌟 AVI-8 Lancaster Bomber - Black with brown leather band
🌟 Invicta 8926OB - Steel w/black dial, red/black bezel mod, red/black NATO band
🌟 Invicta Pro Diver 13651 - Rose gold, tan leather NATO band, Swiss movement
🌟 Invicta 2188 - Rose gold dial with brown leather band, fashion watch w/tach
🌟 Orient Mako XL - Black dial, black Maratac NATO band
🌟 Orient Sea King - World time bezel, 1970s, excellent condition
🌟 Skagen 572lsxm - Danish fashion watch, stainless steel, low profile
🌟 Fossil fashion watch - $8 eBay flip (just needed battery), stainless steel, 2010s

Antiques/collectors items (mostly old Russians)
🎖️ 1970 Vostok 153/056 - My first Russian, simple gold fashion watch w/lizard skin band.
🎖️ 1980s Vostok Amfibia - The bezel is stuck and the dial is bubbly, but it runs!
🎖️ 1970s Pobeda - Military watch with military-style brown leather band
🎖️ 1980s Slava "CCCP" Watch - evil Communist star/sickle and CCCP on dial, rough shape
🎖️ 1980s Timex Indiglo - HEAVY metal watch, digital display, dog whistle noise when Indiglo on

💩 Timex Expedition T40011 - Low-end black Expedition w/velcro band
💩 Casio MRW200H-3BV - Quartz "Dive Style" shitter, lives on my steering wheel
💩 Various old WalMart Armitrons

I make sure to do my best to avoid frankens
Feel free to add me for buying advice
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LXN ⟫ Ice GoTato Sep 10 @ 9:38pm 
It can't be Lexon because you were banned on October 7th for crashing the server via bogey spam so I really don't have any desire to help you
LXN ⟫ Ice GoTato Sep 10 @ 9:36pm 
No idea who you are or who Russ is or what group you're referring to
Recently Russ Has Dupe Stolen My Engine And Is Trying To Get Me To Do What He Wants,So Please If You See My 0-4-0 Neilson Box Tank


Hes Stolen The One On The Right Side,Please If You See One Of Them Being Run Tell Them That Its A Dupe Stolen Engine And To Delete It,Russ Does Not Own It

The Reason I Posted It Here Is Cause Your The Group And I Think The Server Owner And Russ Has Said Hes Been Unbanned There So I Wanted To Post This Here
Timezbrick Aug 13 @ 12:18pm 
no longer FRIENDS??¿¿
Laz Jul 29 @ 2:08pm 
he made a consist from Amtrak IceGT
LXN ⟫ Ice GoTato Jul 27 @ 2:46am 
i'm confused