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Welcome to your Nightmare! or not? Shrek Zombies is here! Embark on an Adventure to help gingy, restore power and defeat Lord Farquaad. You might want to brew some potions! Please @TheIceGrenade me on Twitter when you go live! Jugg is not broken. I changed
Created by - IceGrenade
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Viking Towers joining Randoms who have it all under control. x2 Upgraded Melee Weapons!
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Created by - IceGrenade
[h1]Call of Duty: Radiant Black[/h1]
I have create a guide here that is open source (so anyone can add to it (full credits / authors are listed on github))
It contains EVERYTHING you need to get mapping in Call of Duty, if it is missing something please
hostey Sep 16 @ 12:53pm 
hi ice
ucompleetme Aug 31 @ 1:42pm 
for the chick flia yes its kinda like kfc just a bit differnt they offer waffle fries witch are so good great chicken and stuff sorry you dont have this place in the uk
Skyline ☾ Aug 26 @ 2:04pm 
Amazing Creator +Rep
♥ Cherry ♥ Aug 17 @ 8:46pm 
great zombie maps, lot of effort put in and always look amazing <3
Kilo Aug 1 @ 6:03pm 
Challenge maps are always the best!
Gecodett May 1 @ 6:27am 
Nice ♥♥♥♥