Morias Seraph   Ohio, United States
Please remember to introduce yourself if you add me! This means explaining how you came across me, why you added me, and even the tiniest bit about yourself. Do this, and you'll impress. :)

Credit where it's due: The icon on this profile is a cropped section of a reference sheet for my character commissioned from the talented Flynx. You can check out her art at

I'm a 30 year old gamer, and play quite a few of them! I also love psychology, war history, space technology, and a few other things to boot. I consider myself a furry, typically role playing or thinking of myself as one in the grand ole' place that's cyberspace, but I'm quite rooted in reality. It would only be REALLY COOL to be an anthropomorphic blue fox space fighter pilot. I'm not actually one.

Seriously though. Really cool.

I'm also a political activist, taking a firm stand in support of the human right to privacy, health, liberty, and happiness. Most of our world's democracies have lost sight of this (and in most cases had only a tenuous grasp on the concept in the first place). I for one will not sit idly by while our democracies fade into the night. As an American, the first critical steps of this involve overturning the Citizen's United ruling and reigning in a dangerously powerful intelligence community.

I like meeting new people, so feel free to add me! If it takes some time for you to be added, don't worry - I have a bad habit of ignoring adds for awhile until I get to them in a cluster. It's something I'm trying to get better about!
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