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Imp. Lucius Stevus Caesar VII   Augsburg, Bayern, Germany
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Short narration about me and myself
I write this to whomever should come across it, both my faithful servants and all strangers alike. Consider this an imperial missive intended for all the realm, all the lands over which I reign and the shores so distant that my glorious explorers have yet to map them. Having established myself as an emperor unmatched in power and unchallenged in authority, I would like now to express my magnanimity to you, from the lowliest commoner all the way up through the ranks to the dukes whom I have so kindly granted lands, deeds, and titles. It is with sincere pride that I sit before you upon the throne and make declarations to create order in this state of mine.

Thinking back on my years as your Emperor, I recall many defining moments. There was the birth of my first son, the heir to my sovereignty and all my riches, and there was the marriage to my second wife, the heir’s mother. Blessed have I been, and I know within my heart that I have passed on all blessings large and small to you, the people of this state that I hold most closely to my heart. The memory that sticks out to me most shining, however, is my victory over my enemies, those opponents of the state who would have brought down our Empire, had it not been for my courage and my wit.

On that day, the sky was cloudy, my people. The fields were covered already so brightly with the blood of our countrymen and the blood of those rebels most maleficent. It seemed that favor might have been turning its cheek to us, but we persisted, all too aware of the great omen that had been passed on: should we fight, we would certainly win. As hopeless as that final charge seemed, I led it anyway, giving the signal, a simple wave of the hand, for my generals to push forward, and push forward they did, onward into their destinies, into their sweet rewards, leaving to us this vivacious state that you see before you, keeping safe the Emperor that you should call His Majesty.

If you would like a noble person to chat with, someone of high birth and someone with celebrated history, then by all means, add me. I am always happy to speak with anyone, whether they are themselves of high birth or a commoner most ambitious!
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Poli May 21 @ 12:01pm 
Hi please message me found you on
ηєѕѕι ッ May 1 @ 7:51am 
Ich weiß nicht wie und warum ich auf deinem Profil gelandet bin, aber ich wollte dir dann schon mal wenigstens ein nettes Kommentar da lassen :fire_fire_fire:
Dein Infotext ist schön geschrieben :hu_la_la:
Sephx† Apr 7 @ 2:58pm 
Sau geil das man jetzt mit Sprachnachrichten kommentieren kann.

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skitlez Dec 19, 2018 @ 5:32am 
Alpha_N8 Mar 12, 2018 @ 11:07am 
Hey its your GFX designer!!
Fuir Mar 7, 2018 @ 5:28am 
your mom gay haha xdddddddddddddddddd