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get the fuck off my profile ;)
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Kieran200017 Feb 8 @ 5:52am 
Thank you
Gunner Feb 8 @ 4:38am 
he so sweet he diabetic
Gunner Feb 8 @ 4:37am 
some are bitter, some are salty, but he, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call sweet
Tranquility Feb 5 @ 10:35am 
Never experienced such a salty guy, I didnt take his "precious" awp so he had to talk in chat 10 times to tell me Take my Awp..... Why?! Not like the round was over..... Awp vs rifle is bad dude
✪Foxy (Transgender) Jan 26 @ 1:20pm 
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Microsoft Word Jan 21 @ 8:59am 
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