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Official ViCi Gaming pennant submission.
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Status - Accepted for Game, Created by - @Staka and 宝山扛把子
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Overwatch Top500
Frequently Asked Questions (常见问题解答)
Q: Who tf are u?
A: I'm Staka. For over 7 years I was doing social media/content in China and for 3 of those years, I was the highest paid social media manager in all of esports. Since most of the orgs that employed me took the shady path of scams, I ended my long tenure there. The remaining clean Chinese orgs I could go to either don't give a damn about overseas social media or they pay crumbs (or both). Of course I wish to find a new home and family, a common goal to fight for together, but it's so hard to find clean, honest organizations, who actually are there for the same passion for esports that I have and actually want to make a difference - most are there for the wrong reasons and hire all the wrong people..& some are just an ego boost for some rich uncle, who's overcompensating.

Q: I got something important to talk to you about, can I have your contact?
A: Surely! My twitter DM's are open and my email can be found on my stream page [www.twitch.tv].

Q: What's with the VAC ban?
A: Most commonly asked queston lol - A long time ago, I downloaded CS1.6 for nostalgia reasons to play a bit (against bots) to remember good ol' times and after I thought I still got it, I joined a pub server. Everything was ok until there was an apparent wallhacker, that the entire server of players despised, but the admins not only did nothing about it, but endorsed him. He was killing everyone through walls, without possibly knowing they're there, so after a bit of fighting and admins not banning him, I quit, downloaded the first wallhack that showed up in google, went in, killed him 3 times, said something like "have a taste of your own medicine" and left. Next day I woke up to a VAC Ban. It's my fault, I'm not justified doing it, but injustice really makes my blood boil. Whatever, it's done. Get over it. I already did.

Q: Where can I buy Chinese teams gear?
A: If I can get my hands on something I'll list it here [www.ebay.com]. Business side of an international store is tough.

Q: Favorite Dota personality to hang out and talk to?
A: LaNm ! Others who are super nice and good to hang out and spend some friends time with are rOtK, Fade, Hao, rOtK, Sylar...well a lot :D

Q: 你会说中文吗?
A: 会一点点,不过还在学

Q: What other games do you play in your free time?
A: Last game I went competitive tryhard mode was Overwatch...but Blizzard...nuff said.
Items Up For Trade
kuno31 Jun 3, 2021 @ 7:35am 
嗨, 我是一個有抱負的流媒體, 請把你的畫放在我的牆上
Kaseema Apr 29, 2021 @ 6:49am 
hello mate, can you send me friend request? I have something for you
Tanedhelion Sep 8, 2020 @ 5:40am 
Pro Among Us player. One of the few people who actually think rather than just blindly go with the crowd. Fun games today, thanks man.
Majime Sep 7, 2019 @ 2:55am 
Bishhh please, it was ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :sunglassesDoge:
HateLife Jul 10, 2019 @ 7:39am 
Thank you sooo much my IDOL forever VG. Win or Lose for ti9 I will support all vg players #vgforever
R4BB1T Dec 8, 2017 @ 6:52am 
Thank you for the free item!!