Kolya Dimitriav   Colorado, United States
> Leave a comment before adding me, this is my only profile!
> Need a price check? Feel free to ask, I'll try my best!
> Looking to trade? Feel free to send me an offer.
> Check my Twitter!
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Important/General Information
This is my only profile, and my inventory is never private, please be careful of impersonators!

I am currently selling skins, brokering, trading, and middle maning! The best way to reach me is to add me and leave a comment or shoot me a message on Twitter.

> Skin sale rates, 95%-100% buff price depending on the item. I also occasionally auction off items.
> Buff balance rates, 1-1, fees on buyer. If you buy in large amounts I'll split fees.
> Payments methods, currently only crypto. Preferred currencies are USDT, LTC, ETH, and BTC.

Discord, iamkolya#2481
> Twitter
> Tradelink
> csgo-rep [csgo-rep.com] > buff [buff.163.com] > csgofloat [csgofloat.com]
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0.24 Hydra, 0.13 Snow Leopards
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0.01 2nd Max Talon F&I, 0.28 Vice Gloves
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Negev Collectors - Public Group
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Bieganzafro Jan 21 @ 4:14am 
Hey, I can help you improve your csgo skills - i`m pro coach. More information can be found in my profile
123 Jan 19 @ 11:44am 
𝒟𝑅𝒜𝒦𝐸𝒩 Jan 17 @ 9:40pm 
missed the chance to buy buff balance :d will get it 100% next time
⛧Chonky⛧⇄CS Jan 17 @ 7:19pm 
yeah i know syn on steam for a little while, he seems to have unadded me
󠁳⁧⁧󠁳 Jan 11 @ 6:48pm 
Added to discuss RMB
Irohman Jan 10 @ 5:29am 
added for buff bal