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MY CONSOLES:trainbowbarf:

My first console was Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) i got it as birthday gift in 1999
my favorite games was Battle City , Contra (series,but especially 1st one) ,Excite Bike , Lode Runner

In 2001 i got Sony Playstation (PSX) , favourite games - Grandturismo 2 (That feel when u have no memory card and got all licenses in few hours ) , Syphon Filter (2,3) , Toy Story 2 , Medal Of Honor , Silent Hill , Resident Evil (1,2,3) , Rainbow Six , Tomb Rider (1,2,3) , Parasite Eve (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hardcore game :berserk: )

In 2005th i got PS2 (slim) - fav games RAW VS. Smackdown ft. ECW (RAY MYSTERIO FTW:bradface: ) , Grand Theft Auto San Andreas , Resident Evil 4 , BurnOut , Bully Scholarship Edition , Grand Turismo 4 , Double Agent , Silent Hill Origins , Need For Speed Pro Street :PlatonicLove:
P.S. In 2014th i buyed PS2 fat which is twice as better than slim version... no lag/and dont overheat.

In 2009 got my PSP , mostly i played on it PSX games like Medal Of Honor , GranTurismo and some Game Boy Advanced (GBA) games like Pokemon Fire Red...in 2014 i bought again PSP really enjoyed game Need For Speed Carbon Own City

in 2013 got my Playstation 3 - fav games Twisted Metal , Grand Theft Auto IV , Grand Turismo 5


:skull_danger:Peripherals :skull_danger:
:skull_danger:Headphones - HyperX Cloud II Pro Red [www.hyperxgaming.com]
:skull_danger:Mouse - SteelSeries Sensei [steelseries.com]
:skull_danger:Keyboard - CoolerMaster Masterkeys Lite L [www.coolermaster.com]
:skull_danger:Mousepad - A4Tech Bloody Offense Armor (35x28) [bloody.tw]

Really love Dungeon Crawlers , RPG's , PermaDeath games forexample

Dungeons Of Dredmor
Risk Of Rain
Binding Of Isaac
Hero Siege
Into the Gloom
Cortex Command
Papers ,Please
Die Hard Dungeon!

Favorite game top10 of all time
#1 S.T.A.L.K.E.R (SHoC , CoP). :dani:
#2 Grand Turismo
#3 Fallout New Vegas
#4 Risk Of Rain
#5 Binding Of Isaac
#6 Dungeons Of Dredmor
#7 Binding Of Isaac
#8 Cortex Command
#9 Elder Scrolls - Skyrim
#10 Starbound / Terraria

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:WaterCrystal: -Intel Core i7-7700HQ
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:WaterCrystal: -16GB DDR4 SDRAM
:WaterCrystal: -1TB 7200rmp HDD
:WaterCrystal: -240GB Kingston A400 SSD


:WaterCrystal:Intel I5 7600k

:WaterCrystal: MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS

:WaterCrystal: Kingston HyperX Fury Red 16GB 2400MHz

:WaterCrystal: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 980ti Windforce OC 6gb

:WaterCrystal: Xilence Performance A+ 550w

:WaterCrystal: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo

:WaterCrystal: 2tb WDBlue 7200rmp HDD
:WaterCrystal: +512gb WDBlue 7200rmp HDD
:WaterCrystal: +250gb Samsung 850 EVO SSD

:skull_danger:Peripherals :skull_danger:
:skull_danger:Headphones - HyperX Cloud II Pro Gray [www.hyperxgaming.com] / SteelSeries Arctic 3 2019 Edition [steelseries.com]
:skull_danger:Mouse - Logitech G602 [www.logitechg.com]
:skull_danger:Keyboard - CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro L [www.coolermaster.com]
:skull_danger:Mousepad - A4Tech Bloody Offense Armor (35x28) [bloody.tw]


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