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Account created on 21st December 2011
Level 250 on steam & 666 Badges
6000+ TF2 Hours
8000+ trades completed
3900+ market transactions
230+ games
Backpack worth 46'000$ (11 July 2018) & Top 10 most expensive backpack ->
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Do not post any comments about impersonators on my profile. I'm aware about them, there are a ton. Just block, report them and move on.
Do not spam or post useless stuff on my profile.
Begging = perma block.
Offer only on items I'm selling (check my tf2outpost & profile).

"The more I looked at people, the more I hated them because I knowed there wasn't any place for me with the kind of people I knowed."
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Waffer Jan 19 @ 3:10am 
The shell shocker
Waffer Jan 19 @ 3:09am 
Added for trade (pro ks rocket laucher)
κīwí Jan 18 @ 10:38am 
bonzo pullover
Sniffer Jan 16 @ 9:40pm 
Hey bud you would always be a freind i just deleted cause was thinking you dont play or trade anymore and i chatted a few times or asked how you were and never would get a reply but if your coming back playing or trading hit me up man would love to catch up and hope your real life has settled down and your in a great place

naezith Jan 16 @ 9:33am 
Send me a trade offer for the Scorching Master's Yellow Belt when you pull it back from marketplace.
Ph4nt0m Jan 15 @ 12:55am 
Added to negotiate