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This game has Wonderful Physics in Objects and Enemy Bodies you must see this:
Also the Columns can be damaged

For me only for this is worth the price (when i was kid i see such things only in tech demos\benchmarks lol) ,just incredible,i has liked also Crysis\Farcry,DeusEx and QuantumBreak\Control for the physic (and Batman AK for the Physx Smoke).
BUT as all games with physic you need at least a minimum of 3.4Ghz CPU (2011) , i doubt weak 1.6\2Ghz Cpu\Soc consoles as PS4\PS4Pro can handle all this physic calculation,so it's better to buy this game on STEAM and not in PS Store.

i love cyberpunk2077
The Storytelling is immersive and also the carachters it's original\interesting design much details too,
Enviroments is beautiful,different and very detailed (worth the money for me also to play it only as an explore game),
3D audio looks good too (i use cheap headphones mobile with windows sonic enabled),
Photo editor is very fun and easy to use,

Sometimes You can also do STEALTH actions (Grab Enemy from back stun\kill them etc.) before i think this was a game only about action,and because i love also stealth i has been very happy to see that this was implementedi n cyberpunk2077 (a surprise for me).

Enemy bodies have their own bodies Phisic in realtime you can grab them and trow them anywhere the body will adapt to the enviroment then (same in deus ex!) it's also possible to hidden bodies inside mobiles (same megal gear solid etc.)

yes i know the game is not perfect at 100% and have some rare times with "Bugs\imperfection" but instead of be something of "negative" or "to complain" , for me is something to "enjoy" and have fun with it.

Weapons is very detailed and You can find different colors of them (in a time where others games ask to PAY skins for this... but cyberpunk2077 have it for FREE) :

My PC is 9 years OLD CPU from 2011 3.4Ghz\MOBO 40€\Memory 16GB cheap pc.. the only recent hardware i have is the GPU an RTX2060S (2019).

All Graphic at MAX and res 1080P with RTX OFF i can play it at 50-60FPS stable most of time.

All setting to MAX Raytracing ON i'm able to play at 30 FPS stable most of time proof here:
Example 1:
Example 2

The only 1 bad thing i noticed is the game to me looks a little bit blurry and "white" but if i apply the Nvidia Freestyle Filter it look better then:
But this maybe is related to the use of DLLS or maybe my monitor.

i also noticed that on nvidia gpu if with dlls active,if i use "Nvidia Profile Ispector" software and set Texture LOD Bias setting to -3 it help too to remove the blurry effect.

When you walk Legs have Walking Animation

Smoke Graphic is Nice too

if i have some problems or disagree i will update my review,
but for now i can say i'm very happy i buy it,love it.

Thank you CD PROJEKT RED for create this game and The Witcher 3 too ,
they for me are both 2 of my favorites games and i love both them,
i'm very happy i pre-order cyberpunk 2077 and is an honor for me to can play it ,
wish all best to all people working on this game from the first to the last.

My PC is 9 years old (only gpu is new 2019) and the game work perfect at me , and is very beautiful too , so i'm happy , totally worth it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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