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Please leave a comment why you added me, or just wait in line till I cleared out the invites queue ;)

I'm the current maintainer / co-owner of jailbreak
I'm the creator and developer of the CLWO jailbreak plugins.


10k Hours in CSGO and you still suck
I'm aware, thanks.

You own 1700 2000 games?
Apparently I do. and /r/gamedeals is not helping either.

I have a question relating jailbreak (rules/donations/other)
Add one of the following people and ask them
SquarePlayn Teamkiller MrGibbyGibson

Do you have a job?
Yes, lol.

Do you have a boyfriend.

Do you trade anything
No, and never will

Do you want to play a game with me
Sure, just hit me up on teamspeak

Why do you make CLWO's plugins
I'm trying to make my vision of jailbreak which is a combination of rules and plugins.

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SlimSlams CS.MONEY Dec 8 @ 12:12pm 
that admin abouse tho
Omega Nuke Dec 8 @ 10:40am 
I add you because i love you voice and personality 'i am not been a stalker i swear'
Links Dec 6 @ 8:50am 
+rep pushed my nan down the stiars
✪ Teemo Dec 4 @ 10:02am 
Yo nilo, i think i have a bug that needs fixing cuz the server relaunged, 1: Jailbreak servers have the jailbreak logo in black and grey, when i was looking for the server i couldent seem to find the logo of clwo jb server,2: i also dont see the map when i was looking for the server
SlimSlams CS.MONEY Dec 3 @ 11:24am 
tiny penis
✪ZerA™ -iwnl- #19 Dec 3 @ 5:13am 
someone did ts_shield_1 command or somin and everything crashed and plugins stopped