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There seem to be a lot of people having all kinds of technical problems with this game.
I, however, am not one of them except for a couple of times my character got stuck.

I'm a Kickstarter backer from day 1. The things they promised got me excited. Dropped some extra bucks so I could get beta access.
Beta access didnt do me good. It looked like crap, played like crap, kingdom crap. Money wasted I figured.
When the game got released on Steam much of my enthousiasm was killed by the beta. So it took some time before I gave it a go.

My first couple of sessions I wasnt sure what to think. It looked and played a bit rough, and my character got killed easily so exploring (which I love to do in rpg's) was a stupid thing to do.
On my 3rd session I started to enjoy the game. Did mostly follow the main story, practiced fighting skills and did some thieving.
The thing is, practice makes perfect. You use a mace a lot? You get better stats, slowly. You decide you want to switch to a sword? Tough luck, you have to start practicing again. Reading? First go to a scribe who teaches you. Then, everytime you go to bed take some hours to read a book. It sounds all logical but I havent played a single rpg where you needed to invest so much time and thoughts into "levelling". You really have to work on your skills.

So here's my list of good and bad in this game:

- Nice story. Have to say its been done before like a thousand times: Start as a nobody, end like ... eh... lets not spoil that.
- Fighting is fun and rewarding (yet frustrating in the beginning)
- Because of the first 2 points, it was highly addicitive.
- Multiple ways of tackling a problem or completing a quest. Really well done!
- Mature content.
- Realistic scenery.
- Realistic day pattern. You'll get hungry, you need sleep. It wasnt even annoying.
- Fast travelling.
- Funny at times.
- Voice acting and music.
- Game ran smooth on my 970gtx / 16g ram. Graphic settings at high.
- Mods

- Sidequests. There arent a lot of them. Some are great, some are crap. I dont like fetch/hunting quests. And many of them are unrewarding.
- Loot. Its basically much of the same. And when you already have 10k in money you'll mostly leave it untouched. Same goes for treasures: handy at the first part of the game, after that its pretty useless.
- Character animations in conversations. They are bad, but the funny kind of bad. It kinda kills the mood though.
- Towns feel a bit empty. NPC's giving the same responses when u talk to them.
- Game ends suddenly. Lets just say there will come a sequel, the story aint finished.
- Graphics. Its all mediocre. I noticed a lot of popups: trees, npc's clothing, buildings. Like I mentioned before, its a bit rough.
- No replay value imo. The main story is quite linear.
(EDIT) It might be interesting to try tackling quests in a different way on a 2nd run.

- The save system. I'm glad they implemented the "save and exit" option at some point. Its a hardcore system, make mistakes and get punished by replaying a whole hour.
And then make the same mistake again! (Like thinking next run youre able to kill that pack of bandits). Not what I enjoy. I started using the "always save mod" around 2/3 into the game and it made the overall experience a lot better.
- One part of the main story. The Monastery quest... When you get there make sure you'll have something to keep you awake.
- I dont consider myself an idiot, but quite some part of the game I was running around with a nice longsword I found and a shield wondering why the hell I couldnt produce the combos I learned. The interwebs told me eventually you couldnt do combos when you carried a longsword and a shield. Makes sense, but I would have loved a warning from the game.
- Just 1 bossfight. A pity.
- Promised massive battles lack massiveness.

Funny bugs I encountered:
- Early in the game Lord Divish's clothes failed to load. It resulted in him walking around the castle butt naked. I regret I didnt make a screenshot but I was busy cleaning my keyboard and monitor from the beer that ended on it.
- Main character Henry taking a bath while wearing his full plate armour. (check my screenshots)

This game is far from perfect. I enjoyed it a lot nevertheless.
WIll update when I finished some dlc.

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