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Joey   Ontario, Canada
~ What Is War, Without Love.

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Hey, didn't see you there. Since you are here, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Joey, but you can call me anything. I am a fourteen year old boy who enjoys playing video games. I like to do sports and draw on my free time. I only play video games for fun and not for a living; school comes first.

Team Fortress 2: I used to play this game, I was addicted to trading at one point and traded almost everyday. I probably made over 300 dollars while I was at it. That's how I got all of my games. I spent probably less than 15 bucks on steam.

Dota 2: This one is hard to decide, sometimes I play it a lot, sometimes I give it a break; but usually I come back after a while. Main heros: Night Stalker, Juggernaunt, Faceless Void

CS:GO: .... I was forced to play by peer presure. Just kidding, I never really liked playing it, thats why I never started it. I only play ever so often with friends and thats about it.

Realm of the Mad God: I was addicted to this game over a winter break. I played this game and only this game for 1 month stright. I died many times, cried in a corner, under my bed and in the shower. But finally, I build my way up to a 8/8 freakin KNIGHT!!! I had all the tops (pixle sword, fairy plate, UBHP and Oryx shield) I join a awesome guild, Monkey House. I leader's 20k archer died so the guild is pretty much disbanded now. I had 4k fame and was top 100 on the world list for knight. Check out my realmeye if you want. My name is JoeyGuoGuo.

Minecraft: Geez, this game ruined my life! Just kidding, it was extreamly fun. I started playing when I was 9. I loved factions, I play it everyday and worked so hard until we got raided and raided and raided. I never give up. Until one day I made my own server. You may ask what server is it. Well, here you go, the ip is here. (its a kit-pvp server btw)

I play many more games, but there are the onces I had the best memories on. Hopefully you learned more about me. If you are interested, just send me an invite and hopefully I'll accept!
(I won't waste your time any further, you probably didn't care anyways xD) Prices!

I am a odd collector

Additional / Items Outside Of Steam:
~ I am selling a AQW account! Add me and message me if you are interested! Level 56.
Character Page: Vargas

~ I am trading Minecraft Stuff for CS:GO, TF2 or steam items. Add me, we can talk about the prices. May vary depending.
Servers that I play on:
1. TheArchon (Factions RED ONLY) ~ TheCampingRusher's Server

~ I amcurrently trading Realm Of The Mad God Items! Prices are set (In TF2 or CS:GO), read below:
Potion of Attack = 2 and 2 reclaimed ref
Potion of Defense = 2 ref
Potion of Speed = 1 ref
Potion of Dexterity = 2 reclaimed
Potion of Wisdom = 1 ref
Potion of Vitality = 1 ref
Potion of Life = 10 ref
Potion of Mana = 6 ref

20+ ref = 1 key!
For items that are not potons, add me to talk!!!
I sell items from GOD TEAR 13 items, to skins, to drake eggs, to potions and many other cool stuff!

Please note that most of these trades are illegal, due to the fact that someone has to go first and you could get scammed. I DO NOT SCAM! Please do not report, if you don't like the offer just ignore.

Satisfied non-stream traders: 7
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