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cozakillz // coza cortex // cozafoxx // anxietythedemon   New Zealand
I like furry trap hentai and when my dad doesn't beat me
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if you are randomly adding me, plz say why in the comments <3
Feel free to spam my steam comments, keep the banter up :Pizza:
(however if you spam the heck out of my messages, you will probably be /blocked)
:PineappleGrenade: Profile pic by Nope
:ssltank: NewGrounds [anxietythedemon.newgrounds.com] all animations will be put here first
(because NG has better video organising <3) __________________________________________________________________________________
:tipheal: Twitter webcomics/shitposting/whatever
:dewstare: soon to be trap twitter (am currently working to get the aesthetics I want ;-;)
:lunar2019madpig: Insta [www.instagram.com] comics/drawings/whatever
:deadmud: Comix Archive [anxietythedemon.nz] (just a place where I post all my comics and other things)
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e-girl(RIP 8chan)</3 11 hours ago 
okay lmao, I resent a fren request <3
you from twitter?
Jedi Jesus 12 hours ago 
I like edgy humour so I added you
SnealthyFoX Aug 16 @ 6:06pm 
e-girl(RIP 8chan)</3 Aug 16 @ 6:03pm 
also currently the owner of 8ch is being demanded to go tot he US before congress because aparantly he's responsible for the actions of a couple users of an imageboard
e-girl(RIP 8chan)</3 Aug 16 @ 5:27pm 
@Snealthy is that steam censoring ♥♥♥♥♥/8ch?
after the el paso shooting, the company hosting the site pulled their services, the site was back up temporarily on another hosting service but it was super inefficient/slow and a lot of stuff was lost.
the site seems to be down again and I can't even access it via VPN, a lot of people on twitter think this is the death of 8ch
SnealthyFoX Aug 16 @ 3:51pm 
Wait wot. What happened to ♥♥♥♥♥? Or is it just because you are from NZ?