I don’t Meth Around
"I think that we're all mentally ill." -Stephen King

Top 10 Reasons VALORANT is worse than Counter Strike: Global Offensive:
1. Map Design is the worse I've ever seen.
2. Unrefined Mechanics.
3. Invasive anti-cheat from a company who has direct connections to the Chinese Communist Party.
4. Random Bullet Spray
5. Lower Skill-Ceiling and Skill Curve.
6. Toxic as ♥♥♥♥.
7. Only 4 Maps and they are all worse than any CS:GO map in the Active Duty Pool.
8. Every game feels the same.
9. Game is literally unplayable if you aren't in a 5-queue.
10. Everyone who plays the game is either a League of Legends player who doesn't know how to use their mouse or Overwatch players that don't understand the fundamentals of tactical first-person shooters.

I have Protanope and Deuteranope. I live in a world of murky greens where blues and yellows stand out. Browns, oranges, shades of red and green are easily confused.

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