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No Man's Sky is pretty lit, shoutout to Sean Murray. Hit me up if you find any of my discoveries <3
Never buy No Man's Sky, ever.
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No Man's Sky: Rating - 6/10
Review contains minor spoilers you probably know about, nothing related to the ending though.

TL;DR Edition:
The game is great fun until you complete collecting Atlas Stones. After you complete that objective, it becomes tiresome just travelling to the center, which is extremely annoying to grind and will require you to go through over 100 black holes. While the game is extremely unique and the fun I experienced in the first 24 hours, it becomes repetitive. Buy it when it's £20 or less.

Too Long; Still Going To Read Edition:
This game offers an experience like nothing I've ever played before. Endlessly going to new planets and star systems has been one hell of a ride and journey for me. These planets really do have real variety to them, I've seen so many different mixes of terrain, as well as the species. The game really is something special and unique, but in a world so massive and randomly generated, how can Hello Games allow No Man's Sky to become repetitive for the user to play?

No Man's Sky works off the idea that you need to get to the center of your galaxy. It doesn't tell you how to do it, it just gives you a ship and a multi-tool to work with and away you go. This idea is actually a great concept, it allows the player to come up with their own story, their own objectives and make decisions on what to prioritise doing. So you eventually fix up your ship and you are starting your journey. Now, at the beginning, you are asked if you would like the help of the Atlas, which will allow you to then join the Atlas Path and collect Atlas Stones, which are used later on in the game, which for me, was my main priority. So from that point on I spent 20 hours going planet to planet, system to system, learning as much about the species that inhabited these worlds, while also building up to my goal collecting Atlas Stones and I was loving it.

But then I got all the Atlas Stones I needed and it was laid out for me, get to the center. This was it, the final objective, the last task this game had for me. I crafted warp cell after warp cell, going through countless black holes in a race to get there before anyone else could. But by the time I travelled through 15 of these black holes, I had only travelled a tiny 15,000 light years, with a frustrating 160,000 to go. This is my main problem with No Man's Sky and Hello Games. They expect you to be okay going through over 150 black holes to reach the center of the galaxy, they think it's an acceptable game element to have, when quite frankly all it does is drive players away from playing.

This is where the repetition really hits in for you as a player. You just want to reach the center, you've done everything else, you've got a good ship, a large inventory and a great multi-tool, but that doesn't change the fact you need to grind all those warp cells to travel through 150+ black holes to reach a point you're starting to lose interest in. It kills me to slam this game because I've been enjoying my time with it so much and I love it, but this final act really does kick you in the teeth and is a disappointing end, to what is a great game.

While Hello Games have crafted one of the most beautiful looking games I've played and how they've achieved what they've achieved with 15 people is astounding. But in turn, you've created a huge environment that makes the game feel so empty. This game needs more, give me tasks to do on the way to center of the galaxy, create new stones for different races, such as Gek Stones, just to keep us busy. This game is going to be updated and content will be added overtime, but I would strongly advise waiting until this game dips to around £20 before you pick it up. £40 is too steep for an asking price for what you get given in such a little time of play. While the game isn't a bad game, it just needs work. And with the right time and mindset, Hello Games can make No Man's Sky one of the most memorable games to ever grace the market.

Game completely blows, with no updates, do not buy this crap, ggwp Hello Games.
Jagz Dec 22, 2016 @ 1:03am 
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ZxillaX Dec 21, 2016 @ 7:17am 
You're a cunt Ben
iBenParry Aug 16, 2016 @ 1:38am 
Agamashi Aug 15, 2016 @ 10:03pm 
If you have played No mans sky 29h, and gave the game 6/10 review, that is a positive and not negative, so please change your review to recommended since 6/10 is positive ^^
Fenneh Aug 15, 2016 @ 2:56pm 
I didn't want to make you made or anything
iBenParry Aug 15, 2016 @ 2:56pm 
May the Murray be with u