Jason   Ontario, Canada
Upon eternal seas where light beams bend,
Two soulmates voyage with arms that lend,
An iridescent love which knows no end,
From their singing hearts whose notes now blend
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*challenges you to a game of pool but goes reeel easy on you* :)) :Okita: :poolrack: :ecchikyoko:
Love ya lots, My Sweet Man. :)) :heart_emo: :TheInfinity: :heart_emo:
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Our supermagical dreams are brimming full of so much pure love :MagicScroll:
A true sign that our soulmate thingamajig is swirling up above :candyrainbow:
Venturing forth on a journey where our love grows into what it's suppose to be :aheart:
As it mirrors the sweetest purple iris that your seas of blue will ever see. :purpleflower:
:Okita: :SBalloon: :ecchikyoko:
*points to the best couple ever* :))
:Bunny: :Okita: :SBalloon: :ecchikyoko:
Psst! Home is You. :)) :Okita:
*soulmate squeeze* :8BitHug:
:2016butterfly: :SBalloon: :rarebutterfly:
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