But then we'd be
Back to reality,
where capitalizing is key,
And if thats the case then shout at me,
cause I'd prefer if we rushed B.
When did this become cool?
Gambling lives away in middle school.
Didn't you know we would throw, if
I bet I should've been banned a long time ago
Cause I think I've got a clue,
why I keep on coming back to you,
I think its cause we're family.
But sadly my parents are Jews.
We come back, we come back.
Our parents are Jews, but still we come back,
We come back, we come back.
Flusha cheats.
I think VAC doesn't stop hacks, that well
Does that make me anti-vacc?
If thats the case, then call me KQLY,
because KQLY never came back.
But honestly, why do we,
come back after everything that we've seen?
I think its cause we're family,
dysfunctional though it might seem.
Through backaches, and headshakes,
we've been through it all.
Heartbreaks and mistakes,
the rise and the fall.
We're rushing B, but B is stacked,
The ninjas are down, but..
They'll come back.
We'll come back.

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