Christa B.   United States
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1} Do not friend me under these circumstances
-You need me to advertise a website or server for you.
-You want to trade or buy for my unusuals.
-My account has been put in a queue for duplications and/or trade ban.
-You need to talk to a friend who has recently deleted you.
2} Be nice to my friends especially my close/best friends.
-We may not be friends for long if you don't listen.
3} You Have A Great Day!!!
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Hello! My name is Huskigirl!

About Me
1} I'm a female.
2} I'm a {husky} furry.
3} I'm a chubby person.
4} I have a very smart and handsome boyfriend (I absolutely adore him <3.)
5} My profile picture is made by my wonderful and lovely sister. Ashwolves5
6} I play mostly Team Fortress 2.
7} I like to think I main Pyro. I like watching the world burn.
8} I have a Discord.

+SaltySteve: That's not fair! You pulled out your secondary. -2017
=Lentin: Eat my buffet
Dante:I am your buffet....Wait, that sounds gay. -2017
-Lentin: The thing above oklahoma. -2017
~Kino_: I miss Habano..... He blocked me. -2017
+Dante: Capslock just makes me speak louder. -2017
=Lentin: People have the right to die. -2017
-Lentin: This is place is nasty. -2017
~Dante: Why are you swimming?
Never...: I heard a spy. -2017
+Dante: Fetus Deletus. -2017
=Utugateg: Food is best food. -2017
-Dante: You know what they say about girls with big legs. They wear big feet. -2017
~Nomski: Go ahead.. Put me down.. I'll wake back up. -2017
+Kino: This is casual. No one matters. -2018
=Dante: Hang on. Let me turn your eyes on real quick. -2018
-Steven: You don't wear pants and you hold the W button. -2018
~Tom: sleep hump. -2018
+Guy1: There's only one race. There human Race.
Guy2: What about NASCAR?!
=Dante: Some people are their own grandfathers. ~2018
-Zengo: American Boot. -2018
-Frank: Are you my appendix? Because I don't know how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out. That's Terrible. -2017
~Caravan Palace: Just imagine a trip to a wonderful land. Of candy, and jam, and ice cream. -2015
+Mr.EdwardMagoriumAvidShoeWearer: Your life is an occasion. Rise to it. -2007
-AnotherSwiss: Fuck you. I main hitscan. -2018

I can not speak
~It's a good thing you're gay. You actually listen. -2017
-You know Gayhan. -2017
=I'm waiting for the cold, damp semen. -2017
+Get peppered! -2017
~Am anger. -2017
-It's the fat kid of the group. I know I am. -2017
=You getting a boyfriend made me get a job. -2018
+Can you do it with me inside you? -2018
~Sebway. -2018
-Am pround. -2018
=I don't wanna get gang raped but I need to. -2018
+I wear my shoes one foot at a time. -2019

-What's my name?-
Hoosky (Who-sky)
Huooski (He-you- ski)
Husker (Huss-ker)
Bitch (Bit-ch)
Wittle Huskie (Wit-L Hus-key)
HuskHusk (Husk Husk)
Huskie (Husk-I)
Doggo (Dog-go)
Gurl (Guh-earl)
Girl (G-earl)
Female (Iron-man)
Huskeeg (Husk Kee-g)
Huskeegee (Husk-key-gee)
Momma Huski (Mom-mah Hus-key)
Hous Cous (Hoos Coos)
Huslo (Huss Low)
M o m (Mom)
Mumther (Mum-ther)
Huppy (H-up-pee)
Huspy (Hus-pee)
Hunskee (Hun-ski)
Humpsy (Hump-see)
Babd Catha
HuskiGhoul (Husk-E G-ool)
Sweet Husk (sw-E-t H-ugh-s-k)
Major Huski
Artwork Showcase
Thank you Sqwee
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CorruptedWolf Apr 15 @ 9:06pm 
i have decided and thought about it and would llike to be ur e bf like u asked me
Vanity Mar 28 @ 9:30am 
Raaaawwrrrr x3333 *Pounces* Hehehe x333 Raaawarrr
Dewtail Mar 9 @ 2:37pm 
Rawr ! :3
❤ ℋℴ℘ℯ ❤ Feb 16 @ 5:37pm 
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Bop! :lunar2019piginablanket:
Your personal meatshield Jan 26 @ 1:41pm 
acceppt me please