Shang Tsung

One man's trash is another man's treasure

“100% pure grade-A Colombian, my

We're not sending any help! Nah just kidding well be right there

bind "F3" "thirdpersonshoulder; cam_idealyaw -5.3; cam_idealpitch -5.3;" left 4 dead 2 in thirdperson

bind 7 "say ﻚﻣﺍ ﺲﻛ"

voice_loopback 1

bind "mwheelup" "+jump"

“It’s not about the number of dominations, it’s about sending a message”


cl_disablehtmlmotd 1

cl_playerspraydisable 1 for left 4 dead 2

bind 9 pda_click

next_map_vote 1


-vulkan for left 4 dead 2
cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1

mat_monitorgamma 1

Screenshot Showcase
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
car ↻ Aug 26 @ 2:49am 
LOVE U BRO :steamthumbsup:
car ↻ Aug 26 @ 2:49am 
u are him U ARE BEST
Shang Tsung Aug 26 @ 2:43am 
im the reincarnation of the creature
Miracle Maker Aug 24 @ 1:59pm 
pfp radiates "Have you seen this man in your dreams?" energy
car ↻ Aug 15 @ 10:49am 
+rep suber sexeh
Aleks Aug 6 @ 4:26pm 
+rep he is proud to be a sand n'wah