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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 8, 2018 @ 7:12am

New Adventurer!

Level up a character to lv 10
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 8:18am


Successful purchase a goods in the consignment mall
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 8:18am

Death record

Death reached 100 times

Battle start

Level up a character to lv 80

The light of IDLE

Level up a character to lv 100

Confront each other with daggers

Join a tournament and win once

So that it can be used

Forge a unique equipment

Green Spell Breaker

Break through the dungeon "Green Magican"


Successful sale a goods in the consignment mall

PK record

20 times PK

Finish Alan

Break through the dungeon "Alan's Secret"

The emperor's wealth

Get the Emperor of Arcana

Black and White

Break through the dungeon "Black and White"

When a gentleman encounter a hostile

Break through the dungeon "Disagreement"

The hand of destiny

Get 15 Positive Arcana


Get all Positive Arcana

PK Master

PK Rating exceed 1700


Gain first Specializtion Point

Advanced Specializtion

Gain 3 Specialization Point

My baby

Craft first dummy

Super Skill

Get one "S" Skill of dummy

I am the Legend!

Break through the dungeon "Legend Road"

Reverse Card

Get a Reverse Arcana

The darkside of moon

Get 7 Reverse Arcana

Reverse King

Get 14 Reverse Arcana

Reverse the Space

Get all Reverse Arcana

Kingdom Valiant

Increase the teams and heroes limit to the maximum

Time Traveler

Break through the dungeon "Time Traveler"

The Truth

Break through the dungeon "The Truth"