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4.1 hrs on record (2.2 hrs at review time)
Overall, the game went slightly backwards from Episode 1, but still an engaging arcade shooter in the same lineeage as the old-school shooters like doom, unreal, and duke nukem, both in personality and gameplay.

Stage design was both better and worse (than Episode 1) with puzzles being better and more intuitive, but with some stages being too large and cumbersome, making route mistakes irritating, not challenging.

I was hoping for more varied monsters after the diluge of the same monsters in Episode1, but overall they still worked well for the game design; although they weren't used to the maximum effect as they were in Episode 1 - at time taking me to the edge of my speed/aim potential.

Great for a cheap sale, still relevant for your fast-twitch-aim needs.
Posted December 27, 2017. Last edited December 27, 2017.
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0.7 hrs on record
Finally played through it after all these years and.... enjoyed it.
If Valve made games still, they should certainly put some 2017 polish on this one (perhaps an anniversary edition) and re-re-release it; it would still hold up today.

I was disappointed that there are still bugs, perhaps even more introduced by the source update?
I ran into a game breaker that required a reload to overcome (scientist required to open a door at a cutscene refused, perhaps a silent protest of his own regarding the lack of half life 3)?

Great game, sometimes lacks some intuition on puzzles (yeah, like I should know without hit indicators that the yellow triangles can get killed by arrows?).

Glad I played through it, even if it was dated in graphics.
Posted December 23, 2017.
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0.7 hrs on record
Very engaging arcarde-style shooter with some minor puzzling through stage-design and monster attacks.
Impressive game that knows exactly your limits in terms of ammo, weaponry, and monster amount.
Quick-saves and loads are a must to overcome some levels and enemy wave attacks.
Old-school shooter at its finest, requires reflexes and thought.
Bosses, final boss, and a story along with some decent updated graphics makes it a fun run through.
Posted December 23, 2017.
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0.2 hrs on record
Creative and ambitious 3-d platformer/race game from the Dreamcast era, ported successfully to steam.
Made at the tail end of a gaming era that still made very difficult games, this one requires control mastery to finish every level.
The plot and story are very creative, even if its a little high on the kogane-cho, the rebellious messaging is a rarity in today's gaming.
2 thumbs up, grab it cheap for a challenge.
Posted December 15, 2017.
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1.5 hrs on record (0.3 hrs at review time)
Visually pleasing platformer with tons of personality and sense of humor.
10/10, perfect difficulty level and challenge.
Intuitive design makes it a pleasure to beat.
If you liked super mario brothers, then check out its older psychedeclic cousin.
Posted December 13, 2017.
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17.2 hrs on record (6.4 hrs at review time)
Good game that is the roots for COD4 Modern Warfare (from voice acting to game artifacts to escaping a sinking ship, you can see COD4 here).

Bioshock infinites storyline, 5 years earlier ;)

Weapons and tdm powers are fun if only limited by the limited combat/enemies experienced in comparison to your firepower. Runs well, but suprisingly tasking for an older game. Dreary graphics when its no 1955. 4 endings gives you the satisfaction of finishing the story for whomever side you'd like.

If you really like the campaign for COD4, and the story of bioshock ininite then this one will be fun for you.
Get for $5 or less.
Posted December 11, 2017.
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2.6 hrs on record (0.0 hrs at review time)
A modern take on MYST with excellent writing.
The story is grim and horrifying, yet the gameplay and puzzles are very approachable with most of the horror is imagined (and alluded to in the story via notes/diaries) rather than experienced. The scares come from the chases, the lighting, the music/sound effects, and the anticipation of having to restart your life (in the DLC death is permanent requiring a complete restart).

The difficulty exists in naviagting the different levels, managing the light/dark/sanity, and in solving subtle yet engaging puzzles to advance through the story. Personally, I got stuck in the prison, but after some tips, got back on track and managed to solve the rest of the puzzles myself. Completed the game and DLC in 8 hours, offline.

Satisfying game to complete, if you like games like MYST you'll enjoy this one.
Posted December 3, 2017.
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1.0 hrs on record (0.8 hrs at review time)
A fun, modern-day take on a Golden Axe like melee game, with Lord of the Rings lore.

In all reality its a reskinning of the modern Batman games, with elements of Assassins Creed and Far Cry thrown in.
The melee combat is straight out of Batman, including how the camera works and how difficulty works (unselectable).
The map and missions have a Batman meets Far Cry feel to them.
The stealth feels like Assassins creed with many of the same finishing moves.

If you enjoy the mechanics and melee/archery combat then you can easily get 20-40+ hours out of it for Story and DLC, if not more. The story is fairly contrived and although there is some great artwork, the cutscenes are mostly skippable.

Most of the joy in this one comes from the sophisticated, yet silly AI as they react to the chaos unleashed from wandering caragoers, explosive barrels, campfires, and you. The personality of the AI is deep and whimsical, often catching modern takes on our own societal problem in the discussions overheard from the Uruks.

Technically I found the game to run great on Ultra, even on my Q9650/7990, a very outdated machine; running 1920x1200 ultra at a benchmark of 30fps->62fps (60 fps cap).

Recommend the GOTY edition when its on sale, I got mine for $5.
Posted November 29, 2017.
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4.8 hrs on record
Not a horrible game, so if you get it cheap enough ($5 or less), then buy it, but its hard to not be disappointed by it.
The ending comes abruptly and with little fanfare.
The inconsistencies in the game, like introducing a mega large character early on that required rockets to defeat, then leading you through the whole game without ever encountering one again (guess these rockets I saved all game are useless).

But lets get to the point, the game is clearly inspired by Borderlands, to put it lightly. Its a knockoff and does little better if anything. Its a shorter experience, has less to little humor, and the story is slow to build and quick to end. The driving and racing was fun, but in the end offered little, specifically by the time you power your car up its either time for a new car or no races left to enjoy with it.

Level design was poor and the graphics look painted on poorly like games for consoles tend to be. Doesnt feel like you can interact with anything other than your predesigned routes in each mission. I dont mind on-rails shooter, but this game pretends to be openworld ala borderlands, but in reality is not.

Mutant bash TV (nod to smash tv) was entertaining. The shooting mechanics/aim in the game are excellent and the mutants are generally fun to battle with their sporadic attack style.

Overall, it feels like a game for beginners to pc gaming, but too gory to really be that game. It holds your hand and walks you through it and then dumps you at the end with credits before you know subway city was a thing of the past.
Posted November 20, 2017.
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0.5 hrs on record
One of the best games I've played in a long time.
Has a half life feel to it in both story and graphics, but way more advanced in both.
Best use of lighting in a game since Alan Wake, but again, way more advanced in how it uses light to guide you, to warn you, to scare you, and for combat -> amazing experience.

Khan = The Dude.

Honestly, was this Half Life 3 and Metro:Last Light is Half Life 4?
Posted November 20, 2017. Last edited November 21, 2017.
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