Attiki, Greece
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Can merc Heavy any div, any region. If you are here because I am playing against you, then just know this.

UGC [] ETF2L [] RGL [] and My Matchtf []

Also I did a thing.

Biggest Comp Achievements So far:
RGL Prolander Season 4 Div 1 - Sunburst: 3rd Place (as Scout/Heavy)
RGL Prolander One Day Cup Div 1 - Sunburst: 2nd place (as Heavy)
RGL NA Highlander Season 10 Advanced - Insidious (as Heavy sub)
Customlander Prolander Cup Main B (Essensially Div 1) - Sunburst: 2nd Place (as Heavy)
UGC Season 35 HL Platinum - HungaryForBlood: Playoffs (as Heavy)
ETF2L Season 20 HL Open - Obama Doesn't Care: 1st Place (as Heavy)
ETF2L Season 24 HL Div 2 - HungaryForBlood: Participation (barely missing playoffs) (as Heavy)
ETF2L Preseason 25 Cup HL High - W e e z e r ✯ F a n c l u b: 2nd place (as Heavy)
ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup #6 Heavy for Greece
ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup #7 Heavy for Greece (playoffs!!!)
ETF2L 6s Nations Cup #8 Roamer for Greece

I also happen to make videos sometimes.

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Yosemite Sam Aug 10 @ 5:23am 
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Los Flores Aug 5 @ 12:11pm 
Scrim contact, beast heavy :cutefox: