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Look, I made my old bio when I was young. I'll admit, I never had the best judgement... or writing skills. So I'm gonna remake it when I'm not sleep deprived, or intoxicated.

I'm in a steam group, if you wanna join, go ahead and ask, it serves no purpose other than to stop friendly fire in some games. I don't even use it anymore besides for Unturned, I use my mostly-dead Discord server, link below if you wanna join. Feel free to mess around, post memes, there's a NSFW chat, but we usually only shitpost (No, not literally).

I'm a furry, and I the big gay. If that's a problem, avoid me, block me, I don't care, just have fun. If you're inclined to comment about it or something, eh, do it. Does nothing but show that you're not the best person.

Currently taken, not like there's anyone else who'd be interested.

I don't really use social media. Even if I did, I'm not one to just plug my Instagram, or Twitter. Come to think of it, I haven't checked Twitter in MONTHS.... I wonder how many porn bots are following me now.

I also don't own many games, I have 37 of my own, most were either free, or acquired from friends, as I am a broke bitch. If you add me, or are already added, and you request a game that I don't have, even though you can see if I don't play it both on the steam library, AND my profile, you will be sarcasm'd to death. If you request one, and it just so happens that it's a game my boyfriend has shared with me, lucky you, you don't have to deal with my shit.

This whole thing has a passive-aggressive tone to it, doesn't it? I am in a fairly "fuck it" mood while writing this, so sorry about that.
Discord: https://discord.gg/8azyFAm
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+rep thats not very cash money of you to kill me
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Hey man,I seen that TF2 Video
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im not chinese or russian :DD
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@Roger How'd you figure that?
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