that's not my ... name   Quebec, Canada
Oh yeah! Final showcase!
:missing: The Big 5-0! This isn't even is probably my final form! I'm level 50 in Backlog Accumulator Simulator!

- And that excludes my console backlog that spans multiple generations!

- (poor me, right?)

:missing: Xfire is gone, and with it, more than a decade of my PC gaming history :(

:missing: Now Raptr is gone; I guess Steam is next :(
Save us Epic!


Orcs Must Die! stats (W.i.P. ;) [v2.robotentertainment.com]
Flickr account [www.flickr.com]
Exophase account (Xbox) [www.exophase.com]
Exophase account (Playstation) [www.exophase.com]

Perfect Games

:missing: = real games ;)

:missing: 1. Dead Rising 2 : Case Zero (360 XBLA)
:missing: 2. Bayonetta (360)
:missing: 3. The Simpsons Game (360)
:missing: 4. Ninja Gaiden II (360) (1 DLC had achievements)
:missing: 5. Shadows of the Damned (360)
:missing: 6. X-Men Wolverine Origins (360)
:missing: 7. Destroy All Humans Remake (PC Gamepass)
:missing: 8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC Gamepass)
:missing: 9. A Plague Tale : Innocence (PC Gamepass)

1. The Plan (free game, only one achievement)
2. Free to Play (free movie)
:missing: 3. Batman : Arkham Asylum (1$ tier in a Humble Bundle)
:missing: 4. The Darkness II (1$ tier in a HBundle)
:missing: 5. Darksiders (received as a gift)
6. Gun Monkeys (was free during a promo)
7. Woodle Tree Adventures (was free during a promo)
8. Pixel Puzzles : Japan (was free during a promo)
:missing: 9. Bastion
:missing: 10. The Bureau : XCOM Declassified (1$ tier) (1 DLC had achievements)
11. Gems of War (F2P, cross-platform save across PC/iOS/Android) (got new achievements)
:missing: 12. Sonic Generations (BeatTheAverage tier in a HBundle)
:missing: 13. DmC : Devil May Cry (BtA tier in a HBundle) (1 DLC had achievements)
:missing: 14. Dead Island
:missing: 15. Strider (2014) (1$ tier)
:missing: 16. The Legend of Korra
:missing: 17. Remember Me (BtA tier)
:missing: 18. Outland (1$ tier)
:missing: 19. Street Fighter V ( bought full price on day-1 ! )
:missing: 20. Earth Defense Force 4.1 Wingdiver the Shooter
:missing: 21. Styx : Master of Shadows
:missing: 22. Mega Man X Legacy Collection (BtA tier)
:missing: 23. Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order (EA Play 1$ trial)
:missing: 24. Titanfall 2 (EA Play 1$ trial)
:missing: 25. Yoku's Island Express
:missing: 26. Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2 (1 DLC had achievements)
:missing: 27. Danger Zone
(most recent)

Achievement Log

:missing: I use the Achievement Showcase below as an Achievement Log (most recent achievement is on the left).
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RabbitsAteMyFam Jul 2 @ 7:53pm 
I added you because you had Deadpool on your steam wishlist at steamtrades.
If you're interested feel free to accept my friend request.
RabbitsAteMyFam Jul 1 @ 1:17pm 
added from steam trades.
Weefsat Jun 13 @ 8:56pm 
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Jarl SwagDog Mar 12 @ 5:25am 
hi there. do you still have discord nitro for trade?
misut Jul 3, 2020 @ 12:16pm 
Good trader, easy and fast trade!!! +++REP!!!:Upvoter:
Rolenta May 27, 2020 @ 4:52am 
waiting for your response :)