Jamie Williams   Hazel Crest, Illinois, United States
I'm currently trying to find people to play online with. I can't draw worth a darn, so you'll have to trust that I look similar to B.D. Joe. If I send you a friend invite, it's because I'm either a friend of yours on Facebook, admirer of your work on another site or want to play online sometime. Feel free to deny me if you wish, but please don't block me.
I'm open to trading, but be aware that I may not have what you want. I'm not very good at talking, so if you try to strike up a conversation, don't be surprised if I don't respond in a timely manner.
I'm currently on the quest to 'git gud'.
If you want to find me on other sites, look for InternetSampler. Maybe you'll see my face there.
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The Rocket Gamer May 9 @ 11:01am 
Hey! Just thought I'd drop by and let you know that Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is free to download today. Get it while you can!