Корей   Blansko, Czech Republic
Welcome to my profile!

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Xbox Gamertag: DanKzTeR
Nintendo ID: motorsport
UPlay Username: DanKzTeR
Origin Username: motorsport
Blizzard Username: DanKzTeR

I like collecting retro video games, making doom wads, drinking, smoking, hunting, airsoft, and hiking.

Favorite Games: Morrowind, Doom 1, Doom 2, Half-Life, Halo 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Super Mario Odyssey, Dwarf Fortress, Fallout 2, Hotline Miami and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater..

Airsoft Loadout:
Primary Weapon:
Evike Custom KWA LM4 SRQ GBBR
(Attachments: LaPEQ-15 Battery Box w/ Green Laser, Trijicon ACOG Scope (Chevron Reticle), and a 2 Point Tactical IDF Sayeret Rifle Sling w/ Punisher Logo.)
Evike Custom Class I "Angel of Death" Full Metal Airsoft Gas 1911 Pistol
(Attachments: Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Laser)
Standard-Issue Australian Infantry army fatigues, plate carrier, helmet, gloves, holster, etc

~CS : Global Offensive Goals~
1. Get a AWP|Asiimov. ✓ (Trade)
2. Get a Bayonet|Damascus Steel.
3. Get a AK-47|Point Dissarray
4. Get a Glock-18|Water Elemental. ✓ (Bought)
5. Get a USP-S|Orion Factory New. ✓ (Trade-Up)
6. Pull a Falchion Knife with any paint.
7. Get a Butterfly Knife | Fade. ✓ (Pulled :D)

1.Pulled 1/7/14 Gut Knife | Fade MW (SOLD)
2.Pulled 5/28/14 Karambit | Boreal Forest MW (TRADED FOR A MW AKIUBARA ACCEPT)
Knife Drought 5/28/14-5/17/16
3.Pulled 5/17/16 M9 Bayonet | Rust Coat BS (SOLD)
4.Pulled 5/17/16 Shadow Daggers | Urban Masked FT (SOLD)
5.Got from a coinflip on 6/4/16 : ST MW Gut Knife | Doppler (SOLD)
6.Pulled 9/28/16:Butterfly | Fade, TRADED FOR NEON REVOLUTION (FN)

Sold all of my skins, so don't ask to trade.
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