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" A soldier doesn't fight because he hates what is in front of him, he fights because he loves what he left behind. "

10-0: Use caution.
10-1: Not understood.
10-2: Understood.
10-3: Stop transmitting.
10-4: Copy.
10-5: Current circumstances force a unit to disobey orders.
10-7: Unit off-duty.
10-8: Unit on duty.
10-10: Busy.
10-18: As soon as possible.
10-20: Location.
10-21: Report to Nexus
10-23: Stand by at (Location).
10-29: Check for contraband.
10-50: Patrol.
10-78: Dispatch for Officer in trouble. (Use in emergencies!)
10-99: Officer Down, In trouble. (Use in emergencies, and when ANOTHER officer is down.)
10-103: Disturbance In Area.
10-103M: Subject is mentally unfit.
10-103P: Disturbance by physically unfit.
10-106: Obscenity.
10-107: Suspicious Citizen.
10-107M: Disturbance.
11-1: Request medical assistance.
11-2: Request Overwatch.
11-3: Stalker.
11-6: Suspect is here, 10-20 is...
11-10: OW Unit is down.
11-20: Unauthorized public gathering.
11-22: Contraband.
11-23: Contraband distribution.
11-44: Get the clean up crew.
11-70: Riot.
11-99: Officer requires immediate assistance! (Use only for emergencies!)
12-00: Advisor requesting assistance.
12-01: Rogue Strider.
12-03: Rogue Hunter.
12-09: Rebel Turret Inbound.
12-12: Hunter Squad Down.
12-20: Patrol Unit not checked in.
12-22: Citizen failed to report to designated inspection area.
12-23: Citizen failed to report to designated inspection area.
12-34: Officer removed from the millitary.
12-40: Rebel Raid.

Code 30: Homicide.
Code 30S: Homicide by shooting.
Code 31S: Shooting.
Code 500: Unlawful entry.
Code 647A: Vagrant loitering in a public place.
Code 647B: Vagrant is non-cohesive.
Code 647C: Vagrant is evasion status!
Code 647E: Anti-citizen.
Code 649M (To be issued by field medic): Squad commander is mentally unstable to lead a squad and will be relieved of their rank temporarily. The squad's second in command will inherit the role of temporary squad commander. If second in command is unavailable the field medic and/or other higher ranking soldiers are eligible to inherit the role.
Code 649P (To be issued by field medic): Squad commander is physically unstable to lead a squad and will be relieved of their rank temporarily. The squad's second in command will inherit the role of temporary squad commander. If second in command is unavailable the field medic and/or other higher ranking soldiers are eligible to inherit the role.
Code 100: If a citizen who applies, says his name/CID wrong.

Inject (To formally deploy) - Move into a establishment or block.
Expunge - Kill not to be confused with amputation.
Contain - To clamp off entrances of a area and confine the situation to a certain area.
Unrest - Rebellion or Riot.
Anti-Citizen - Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations; MALIGNANT.
Malignant - Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations. Subject is contagious and contains devised behavioral pattern.
Administer - To issue a verdict to a resident.
Pacify - To detain a individual non-lethally.
Clamp - Restrict residential access to a certain are ; Deploy standard
Clamps - To restrict activityprovide protection.
Unlawful Procreative Activity (UPA) - Attempting to perform intercourse.
Expose Flush - Suspects or expose them from cover.
Stand By - Await orders.
Intercede - Take immediate control of the situation; Ambush/surprise hostiles.
Extract - Withdraw subject out of Location 1 to Location 2.
Clear Often - Used as a breach term to inform the team that the area is clear of contraband and anti-civil activity.
Breach - To force entry to a designated area, often used in sweeps when breaches are placed or the door is kicked in.
Stabilize - To restore order to a situation by any means necessary, this is determined lethal/non-lethal by your commanding Authority.
Deploy - Often used in reference to the deployment of equipment or a squad.
Prosecute - To administer verdict to a resident through means of prosecution.
Isolate - To disband a large group of Citizens.
R.O.E (Rules Of Engagement) - Often set for breaches or sweeps by the team/squad leader.
Amputate - To kill or remove limbs from the body.
Hold - Maintain position defensively.
Ripcord - Fall back to move back or away.
Diagnose - Determine an investigate level and situation.
Inoculate - To protect or safeguard from a threat.
Sterilize - Clean a designated area of Anti-Citizen/Civil Activity.
Contact - Hostiles spotted, prepare confirm to engage.
Contact Confirm - Contact is confirmed malignant and hostile, engage!
SociocideSociocidal - Attempted disruption of the social order.
Divisive - Having a quality that divides or separates from the Civil Populace(Causing malcompliance or other forms of rebellion).
Restrict - To prevent access from a designated area or location.
Bio-signal - A suit mechanism that is responsible for lifeline monitoring as well as synchronization to the Civil Authority system.
Infestation - High amounts of nectroticparasitic activity.
Biotic Non-naturalized - Alien species. (E.g. Vortigaunts, Headcrabs, Etc.)
Infected - Hostile Protection unit under Parasitic control.
Autonomous Judgment - Unit can apply any verdict they want to a citizen.
Exogen - Antlion.
Necrotic - Zombie.
Parasitic - Headcrab.
Virome - Poison/Fast Headcrab.
Outland - Foreign.
Bouncer - Grenade.
Restrictor - Thumper.
Viscerator - Manhack.

10-91RD -Ration Distribution
10-91C - Civil Worker
10-91L - Loyal citizen
10-91NL - Non Loyal citizen
119X - Kidnapp and Mugging
12-01F - Rouge Unit
Code 66B - Public Execution
Code 66C - Public Torture
Code LS-L - Labour Session Light
Code LS-M - Labour Session Moderate
Code LS-H - Labour Session Heavy
Code 12-99CU - State of Emergancy: City Uprising
12-99 - State of Emergancy

Ranks can be determined by the first 2 - 5 letters/numbers of a units designated code.

CP units (lowest to highest):

OW units (lowest to highest):
CFM (field medic)

Higher ranking units can have a specialised rank identification (lowest to highest):
ASC (Assault squad commander)
BCO (Base coordinating officer)
CRC (City regional commander)
SCO (Senior commanding officer)
AAO (Army advising officer)
ACO (Army commanding officer)
AFM (Army field marshal)
CRG (Combine regional govenor)
CO (Combine overseer)
CSO (Combine supreme overseer)
[All ranks above CSO are reserved for advisors]

Examples of ranks:

ASC93210 The ASC means this unit is an Assault squad commander, the 93210 is the unit's designation number.
Some units can have multiple ranks for example:
AFM-CO9234 This rank means that this unit is in direct control of an army and is an overseer meaning he can command other field marshals.

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