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Don't Let It Go To Your Head

Find the secret location in the tutorial.
Unlocked Mar 8, 2017 @ 11:26am

No Regard For Authority

Obtain an assault rifle at the earliest possible opportunity.
Unlocked Mar 8, 2017 @ 12:18pm

As Ordered

You exercised restraint with Leo Gold.
Unlocked Mar 8, 2017 @ 12:47pm

Over The Line

You exercised your trigger finger with Leo Gold.
Unlocked Mar 8, 2017 @ 12:17pm


Make an enemy drop their weapons.
Unlocked Mar 8, 2017 @ 11:30am

Super Computer Manipulator

Mastered the Computer skill.

Small Explosive, Powerful Punch

Mastered the Demolitions skill.

Use Your Head

Mastered the Environmental Training skill.


Mastered the Lockpicking skill.

White Hat

Mastered the Electronics skill.

War Doctor

Mastered the Medicine skill.

Swift as a Dolphin

Mastered the Swimming skill.

Mobile Tank

Mastered the Weapons: Heavy skill.

Up Close and Personal

Mastered the Weapons: Low Tech skill.

Master of Discretion

Mastered the Weapons: Pistol skill.

Professional Soldier

Mastered the Weapons: Rifle skill.

Licensed Agent

Mastered three skills at once.

Best of the Best

Mastered five skills at once.

Getting an Upgrade

Installed an augmentation at the first available opportunity.

Purity First

Resisted the cult of the machine through to the bitter end.

My Body is Augmented

Fully upgrade an augmentation.

Fully Loaded

Fill every possible augmentation slot.

Upgrades, Versions, Functionality

Fully upgrade four augmentations.

Double Disappearance

Install both the Cloak and Radar Transparency augmentations.

Muscle Man

Fully upgrade the Microfibral Muscle augmentation.

Sonic Boom

Fully upgrade the Speed Enhancement augmentation.

Indiscriminate Surveillance

They didn't cover privacy at the academy.


Find a hidden crawlspace in UNATCO HQ

Guardian Angel

Keep Sandra Renton out of danger.

Genetics Work

Helped a man in a difficult situation.

Underground Secrets

Read the secret to get into a hidden community

Heh Heh

Made JC laugh.

Against Protocol

Bought zyme from a drug dealer.


Intrude on a private phone call.

A Game of Darts

Found a hidden cache.

Breaking the Rules

Had a meaningful conversation with Juan Lebedev.

Company Man

You did as you were told.

Didn't Blink an Eye

You didn't blink. Neither did she.

Get the Hell Out of Here, Denton

Did something you probably weren't supposed to do.

Home Sweet Home

Went against protocol and armed a civilian.

Company First

Assert to Paul that you are not a terrorist.

Family First

Made it abundantly clear to UNATCO where your priorities lie.

Forward Thinker

Planned ahead for some unpleasant business.


Surrendered to Gunther in Battery Park.


Gave Gunther a fight in Battery Park.

Solo Mission

Self-sufficiency is an unwanted virtue.

Brothers in Arms

Against the odds, things turned out OK.

Copper Wiring

Subverted your partner's expectations.

Brutal Argument

Talk an agent to death.

No Excuses

You killed Manderley before he could get a word in.

Places to Go, Things to Do

You gave Manderley a chance to live.

Unsuspected Agent

Discover the Thief at UNATCO.

Helping Hand

Helped a fellow prisoner.

Nothing to See Here

Intruded on a police investigation.

Year of the Vulture

Plundered the Canal Road Tunnel for rare treasure.

Jack of All Trades

A versatile agent is an unstoppable agent.

Safe Haven

You met up with old allies.


Gave some advice to an entrepreneur.

Where's Your Tux?

Confronted an informant.


Reprogrammed all the bots at the Naval Shipyard.

Infiltration Work

Sneak into the PRCS Wall Cloud without killing or knocking out anyone.

A Good Deed

Helped an ally.

Arbitrary Laws

What is privacy?


Neutralized Agent Hela

Rusty Bones in the Junkyard

Used unconventional tactics against an old colleague.

Private Memoirs

Confront and report a petty mechanic.

A Humble Request

Brought a message from mentor to pupil.


Made what was probably the ethical choice.


Listen to everything Morpheus has to say.

Contamination and Mutants

Contaminated the Vandenberg tests with one of Page's subjects.

Desperate But Pushing

Reunite with an old acquaintance.

Smooth Operator

Saved a woman's life.

The More Advanced Model

Took another step forward.

Another Kind of Question

Found yourself at a crossroads.


Shut down every UC Page controls.

So Let It Be Written

So let it be done.

Denton, J.C. Denton

You have no trouble mixing business with pleasure.

Unsecure Data

Completed the game without using any multitools

Explosive Intrusion

Completed the game without using any lockpicks

Unlimited Knowledge

Completed the game without hacking any computers.

Low-Tech Augmentations

Used every wearable item at least once.

But Still Overskilled

Completed the game with all skills untrained.

Nothing to Stop Me

Completed the game on Realistic difficulty.

Baggy Coats

Completed the game in Trenchcoat mode.

Creature of the Sea

Fully upgrade the Swimming skill and Aqualung augmentation.


Read one chapter from every book.

Silence of the LAMs

Disarm a LAM...unconventionally.

How Loyal is a Hungry Turret?

Who's a good auto-targeting death machine?


Kill or knock out an enemy while camouflaged or cloaked.


Knock out a Commando.

Delicate Touch

Knock out a Man In Black or Woman In Black.


Complete the game without killing any Grays, Greasels, or Karkians.

The Gray Death

Not the kind you imagined.


Destroy 3 giant spiderbots.

Scrambled Circuits

Use a scrambler grenade on a bot.

Rules of Nature

Destroy a Military Bot using a low tech weapon.

Iron Body

Make the most of a medical bot.

Electronics Tinkerer

Aggressively disable an alarm, camera, or laser system.

Expert Usage

Destroy a camera, turret, or alarm panel using a sniper rifle or low tech weapon.


Visit the UNATCO COM VAN at every opportunity.

Hall of Mirrors

Evade Walton Simons at every opportunity.

Heavy Weapons Platform

Carry all of the non-disposable heavy weapons at once.


Carry the maximum number of multitools and lockpicks.

Ready for Action

Carry the maximum number of medkits and biocells.


Eat, drink, and smoke one of everything.

Not a Challenge

Completed the game on Realistic difficulty with reduced inventory.

Tipsy Flying

Give a pilot what he wants.

Unleaded Destruction

Support clean energy

Amphibiously Augmented Agent

Fully upgrade the aqualung augmentation.

Impermeable Skin

Fully upgrade the ballistic protection augmentation.

The Invisible Man

Fully upgrade the cloak augmentation.

Augmented Punch

Fully upgrade the combat strength augmentation.

Matrix Mode

Fully upgrade the aggressive defensive system augmentation.

Mind-Controlled UCAV

Fully upgrade the spydrone augmentation.

Mr. Faraday, I Presume?

Fully upgrade the EMP shield augmentation.

Leaded Keratin

Fully upgrade the environmental resistance augmentation.

Quid Pro Quo

Fully upgrade the regeneration augmentation.

Economic Energy

Fully upgrade the power re-circulator augmentation

Digital Ghost

Fully upgrade the radar transparency augmentation

One With The Elements

Fully upgrade the energy shield augmentation.


Fully upgrade the run silent augmentation.

In My Sights

Fully upgrade the targeting augmentation.

My Vision Is Augmented

Fully upgrade the vision enhancement augmentation.

Primary Objective Focus

Terrorists on my soil? Give me three minutes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Test your skills on the shooting range each time.

I'm the Captain Now

Look at me. LOOK AT ME.

Camp Fire

Not the most ethical way to cook marshmallows.

Off to a Great Start

Kill Private Winslow in training.

Deus Express Delivery

Overcome great difficulty to deliver a cold pizza.

Civil Soldier

Tell people to educate themselves.

Supply and Demand

Buy drugs, sell drugs.

Weapons Through the Ages

Carry a sword from each era of man.

Decked Out

Own a weapon with a scope, laser, and silencer.

Self Sufficient

Finish the game without healing using a medical bot or recharging from a repair bot.

The Unavoidable Sacrifice

Finish the game with only a single, particular kill on your conscience.

I Spill My Drink

Spilled your drink.

Eye for an Eye

Killed an enemy as they killed you.

That Familiar Tune


Deus Executioner Machina

Have one robot destroy another.

Duel of the Fates

En garde!

High Tech War

Shoot plasma while dodging plasma.

Laughing Contest

Place yourself in the other side of an awkward conversation.

Vive la France

Détruisez et tuez tout ce que vous voyez, y compris Michel, c'est une obligation.

Complete Collection

Carry a colourful collection of weapon modifications.


Successfully disable a military bot using a PS20.

Bail Out!

Crash a helicopter into an enemy in survival.

Not So Fast, J.C.

Beat Liberty Island without talking to Paul.


Upon arriving at the base, get the schematic from the Ocean Lab UC within 20 (real time) minutes.


Upon arriving at the dockyard, sink the ship and leave within 15 (real time) minutes.

Dead Within 24 Hours

Upon starting the game, beat it within 24 real time hours.

Petty Theft

Grab a free soda or candy bar from a vending machine.

Plain and Simple

Complete the game without modifying a single weapon.

Pity Upon Pity

Deal with Adept 34501, but not lethally.

Unconventional Euthanasia

Kill a beggar.

Exploration Domination

On any difficulty, find all 75 collectables in collectables mode.

Premature Celebration

Kill an enemy with their own rockets/grenades.

Heavy Duty

Use a big weapon on a big enemy.

Out Sniped

Kill a sniper with your own sniper.

Post-Mortem Revenge

Kill an enemy with your grenade after you've already died.

Different Intentions

Kill an enemy using a mini-crossbow with a mini-crossbow.

Last Bullet, Last Chance

Kill someone using the very last bullet available for your weapon.

Straightforward Run

Complete all Revision challenges on easy difficulty or above.

Basic Standard

Complete all Revision challenges on medium difficulty or above.

Arduous Task

Complete all Revision challenges on hard difficulty or above.

Transcendent God

Complete all Revision challenges on realistic difficulty.

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