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Posted: Dec 25, 2014 @ 4:54am

As with many games that come from mobile, it's very grindy. The good news is that the grind is actually fun. You can play Survival mode and just go out on a killing spree without a care for the story. You can do the story which will keep you entertained for a bit. You can replay missions and easily collect credits. Things that I wish it had was more guns and better awards.

- Can be fun for several hours of mindless zombie killing gameplay
- The grind doesn't get dull in 5-10 minutes
- Decent/Good graphics for a game of its type
- Obtainable goals ingame instead of the usual "pay 99999999 ingame dollars or $1 for this"
- You actually have close situations and not jump scares to pump your blood
- First Person Camera angle done so so right.

- AI is a bit odd at times
- Another zombie shooter that only stands out because it's on Steam
- Can't see your feet(I don't care but I know a lot of people get butthurt over this)

Overall, a really nice game and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a zombie shooter with realistic blood pumping situations of survival instead of forced or guessable jump scares. 9/10 Sloths.
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