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This game made me so happy. From its loveable characters to its great platforming, this game was simply so much fun to play even when you were stuck on a jump or a boss. This game was beautiful and everything i wanted it to be.

+ Both keyboard and controller friendly (I used both and found the controls to be crisp on both methods)
+ Amazing soundtrack. The OST is over 5 hours long and each enviroment has unique and vibrant music.
+ The game stands on it own two feet, it has its own unique and loveable characters and settings
+ All of the game is replayable to collect that last item or revisit a world to explore new areas
+ Some levels are fast and easy and some are extremely complex
+ Pure simple fun

+ Sometimes the platforming controls can be a bit anoying (Wall jumps not going how you want them to)
+ Clipping can be a problem but i assume this will be patched in future (Mafia boss bugged several times in my run)

If you loved 3D platformers like Super Mario, Banjo Kazooie, and other iconic N64 games of the same style i would encourage you to give this game a go.
Posted October 29, 2017.
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The first and arguably the best.

+ Great replay value
+ Good DLC included in the game
+ Complex and rich storyline
+ Solid character progression and progress rewards
+ Still provides a solid challenge at most levels

- Still requires dsm fix and other external addons to allow for proper gameplay with a keyboard
- DSM Conectivity Mod still basically a requirement for online play
- Some covenant acheivements are now very difficult due to either long farming or slow online grinding with a low player base

Kill the dogs first.
Posted November 25, 2016.
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After watching gameplay of Pendulo Studio's new game 'Yesterday', i was keen to see what other titles they had to offer. Looking at earlier titles from the company i wasn't exspecting too much in ways of gameplay/storyline as these games lacked the reviews that Yesterday had received. I'm not sure if i just wasn't paying attention when they came out, but this was the first i had heard of these titles.

For a point and click game 'The Next BIG Thing' did not dissapoint, providing a variety of areas and 'puzzles' to last a few solid hours. Being a somewhat indie title i didn't bank on the game being the standard 9hrs but was pleasntly surprized by the games 2-3hr playtime.

Some of the puzzles are insanely complex and require you to either be playing on easy for hints or to have access to a walkthrough (praise google!). As certain items open up key dialogue etc, without the game informing you as such.

Overall the story is rather weird but seems to work rather well with the genre. The game takes a while to get used to and seems to require some prior knowledge of controls as well as some minor character information. These things seemed easy enough to overcome and fill in the gaps yourself.

tldr: This is a very fun game for those who like a good puzzle/adventure/point and click! Also its on sale at the moment for $2.50 and its well worth the price tag.
Posted June 25, 2014.
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