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I should've known the world was wide enough for both Hamilton and me

Yeah, I started from the bottom and I'm still at the bottom
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This game made me so happy. From its loveable characters to its great platforming, this game was simply so much fun to play even when you were stuck on a jump or a boss. This game was beautiful and everything i wanted it to be.

+ Both keyboard and controller friendly (I used both and found the controls to be crisp on both methods)
+ Amazing soundtrack. The OST is over 5 hours long and each enviroment has unique and vibrant music.
+ The game stands on it own two feet, it has its own unique and loveable characters and settings
+ All of the game is replayable to collect that last item or revisit a world to explore new areas
+ Some levels are fast and easy and some are extremely complex
+ Pure simple fun

+ Sometimes the platforming controls can be a bit anoying (Wall jumps not going how you want them to)
+ Clipping can be a problem but i assume this will be patched in future (Mafia boss bugged several times in my run)

If you loved 3D platformers like Super Mario, Banjo Kazooie, and other iconic N64 games of the same style i would encourage you to give this game a go.
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send me pics of how tall u are now on skype :)
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beep boop
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Oliver = olives. Olives are for sinners. Coincidence? I think not