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Do not add me to trade. The answer is no. If i want to trade it, then it will be in the market. go buy it there. EOL

Everything you touch, smell, see, and hear is an illusion generated by your senses anyhow. Real life is an amalgam of illusions and bias. Even the 'real' atoms that reflect the light that the atoms in our eyes 'see' is all probabilities of possibility, quantum stuff phasing in and out of existence.

The digital realm is solid consistent truth. Ones and zeros, floats and integers with definite values, my world starts at 0,0,0 and its rules are consistent.
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hotmatrixx Nov 12 @ 7:54am 
what i wanna know is what did you click, so I can delete it.

Eh, at least it wasn't a trade request.

I approve of the prior message.
AlanThePoor Oct 11 @ 2:07pm 
I clicked on a random profile and wrote this comment. Hope this makes you giggle, else, tough luck.
Sithious Sep 21 @ 7:48pm 
Enjoy then man, I don't play zerker so it was an easy choice for me to trade one skin in for potentially many others I will see.
hotmatrixx Sep 21 @ 9:13am 
np. it was only $30. I sold the m14 EBR for $220 las week so i bought some skins that I wanted.
Sithious Sep 20 @ 11:18pm 
Hey man thanks for buying my golden bone crusher skin! Just wondering why you brought it cas I am really curious how someone can pay that much for one skin lol. =P Do you really love the Bone Crusher? (I mean it is one of the best zerker weapons for sure) or are you collecting all the golden skins?

I have some steam money to open more skin crates and get ripped off again now, yay!
hotmatrixx Apr 17 @ 8:16pm 
@Vash(88) you should see what happens when a DRG scout get's Cave-leeched on my team.... OR a KF2 FB ignites a Scrake When I'm on the Railgun.