Hot Bullet 8
Juan Escobar   El Salvador
"Sometimes crazy is the best way to go."
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17.0 год. загалом
востаннє зіграно 4 лют
33 год. загалом
востаннє зіграно 17 сер 2019
0.3 год. загалом
востаннє зіграно 28 лип 2019
vigor 27 чер 2019 о 14:36 
Please add me I have some trouble with your sg win.
Apukero 25 гру 2018 о 8:41 
(☆*✦✦ℳerry ℭhristmas & A ℋappy 2019✦✦ *☆ )
Kap 15 кві 2018 о 17:17 
Adding you for... reasons ;)
Graveton 30 бер 2018 о 6:51 
What? I only see one game that I havent activated, and I do have it, its in my inventory D: Monkey Island! What other games have I not activated? I didn't even know this was a thing. How come this hasn't happened before now? Is it some kind of new rule?
Graveton 29 бер 2018 о 2:38 
Heyoo, I supposedly won a giveaway from you for the game Lethal League :)
Id be great if you could give me the key, so I could mark it as received ^^
taniecchochola 12 вер 2017 о 2:38 
Please check your SG profile. You won a game in my giveaway. Any problems with the HB link I have provided?