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:csgoa: Nick: Honrado_1416
:csgoa: Name: I do not say
:csgoa: Birthday : 16/05
:csgoa: Favourite Game : Counter Strike: Global Offensive
:csgoa: Rank: I don't know
:csgoa: Favourite Teams : MIBR and Cloud9
:csgoa: Favourite Players : Fer, Nothing, Fox, Fallen
:csgoa: Favourite Streamers : ZorlaK, Morais, DarkZonee, Ninja and TSM-Myth
:csgoa: My Idol : Fer
:csgoa: Favourite Maps: Mirage, Cache and cobblestone
:csgoa: Favourite Guns: AWP and Ak-47
:csgoa: Favourite Pistols: Glock-18 and Deagle
:csgoa: Best Competitive Score: 52 kills|8 assists|20 deaths
:csgoa: I Live in: My Home
:csgoa: My Club: SLBenfica
:csgoa: Favourite Youtubers: RicFazeres.
:csgoa: I dont add scammers and guys with private profile
:csgoa: Fell free to add me :D
:csgoa: I don't start conversations, I feel boring when I start.
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